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Google Number Search

May 9, 2005

They never cease to amaze me.  The folks at Google have come up with a way to search by number – tracking numbers, VIN’s (vehicle identification numbers), FAA airplane registration numbers, UPC codes, and on and on and on… 

Imagine if every company and organization was as aggresive towards innovation as Google seems to be. 

Here’s a question for all of us: What can you do today to bring your organization to a new level of creativity and innovation?


3 Responses to “Google Number Search”

  1. Betsy says:

    Yeah, I search by numbers all the time. My boss often requests me to find a church or ministry with very little information. Since the information he gives me usually contains very common terms — you try finding information for a program named “Truth in Love” — I often look up the phone number to see if I can get lucky. More often than not, that will lead me to a website that has something that will get me to the next step.
    If churches and ministries 1) had websites, 2) posted contact information on their websites, and 3) put information regarding their TV programs and schedules online, my job would be a cinch. Instead, I have to hunt and piece together information from other sources.

  2. bill says:

    I think it was Rob Bell who said something along the lines of, “Innovation is not optional in the book of Acts, it is necessary for survival of the church.” I would agree. Our culture is constantly changing and evolving, and so we must innovate as well.
    Now, I’m pretty firmly grounded in the belief that we don’t innovate the Gospel and don’t need to develop a new theology for a new world. However, our presentation and communication of the theology must change. I think technology plays a huge role in innovation for my church. We’re a new church, with only two paid staff, several volunteer staff, and lay leaders all over the place. Trying to imagine what our interaction would look like even 8 or 9 years ago is hard – without high speed internet, IM, cell phones, blogs, etc…
    Great question, Scott. I’m looking forward to see what everyone else has to say!

  3. Stop that!

    I just started reading Scott Hodge’s blog and I came across this post about innovation. It asks the simple question: What can you do today to bring your organization to a new level of creativity and innovation? As you…

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