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Great Conversations…

Jun 21, 2007

As I’m sure the case is for you, some conversations drain the daylights out of me.  Others I find to be empowering and energizing.  Today happened to be full of conversations that most definitely fell into the "empowering" and "energizing" category… 

It began at lunch with a guy by the name of Troy McMahon who is preparing to move with his wife Janet and their family to Kansas City to plant a church whose mission is to help people find their way back to God.  I absolutely LOVE Troy’s passion for reproducing churches.  I could talk to this dude for hours!  Totally contagious…

My second conversation was via telephone with Jeff Shinabarger, co-founder of Fermi Project.  Jeff got my mind crankin’ about some things that I think will really have the potential to impact our community and culture in a big way.  Can’t wait to see where it goes!  Also can’t wait for next year’s Q gathering.  The location is going to be unbelievable…

My third conversation also occurred via telephone with Terrell Sanders.  Terrell is the president of Main Street Enterprises and is the catalyst behind the MinistryCom conference.  I love Terrell’s humility and openness of how God seems to be using him to impact leaders in ways that he would have never imagined.

My fourth conversation was with a guy named Erik Thornton.  I ran into Erik as I was walking into a Starbucks during my phone conversation with Terrell.  Erik just got back from Australia and was sharing with me some great stories of what God’s people are up over in Sydney.  And I have to tell you…  The thing I love about Erik is how passionate he is about leadership and about PEOPLE.  I also admire his commitment to integrity.  He’s been on quite a journey these past several months and I’ve watched him choose the way of Jesus over and over again.  I’m proud of this guy….

My fifth conversation was with a Starbucks Barista named Dee.  Dee stopped over at my table just a few minutes ago to ask what I do for a living and why I am always at Starbucks.  :)   Loved my conversation with her and really enjoyed hearing about how she loves being used by God to impact elderly people at a local nursing home.  She absolutely LIT UP as she told me about how she "gets to" invest her time and energy into these people who are in such desperate need of love and care.  I loved her missional thinking…

And now I’m off to prepare as Amanda and I host a group of leaders from The Orchard at our home this evening.  Can’t wait to see what conversations will emerge from our time together.  Should be a great time…

Can’t beat a day full of great conversation!

2 Responses to “Great Conversations…”

  1. Scott, any chance you could enlighten me to the location of Q? I’m guessing you’re not talking Scotland! I heard NYC?

  2. emma says:

    I wish it was in Scotland… make it easier for me to get (as in, I wont be there otherwise lol!) Pretty awesome day Scott… love the sounds of that last conversation you had with Dee… folks like that, random encouragements, are what its all about. Missional living indeed!
    The Fermi project is something I’m very interested in, been keeping my eye on those guys to see what they’re up to, trying to learn from them and develop ideas I can be using in Glasgow and elsewhere too.

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