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Great, great questions…

May 18, 2005

Mark Walz had some great questions on his blog that he picked up while attending The Origins Project in L.A. (Mosaic Church, Erwin McManus).  Here they are:

  • If the invitation of Jesus to "come, follow me" isn’t about safety and personal comfort, but rather about giving my life away for others, why is my priority of safety so high and my experience of personal comfort so well protected?
  • If Jesus, who "is the same – yesterday , today and forever" is leading us both from and into the future, what is it for me to effectively lead others who seek him into a future yet to be discovered?
  • If God’s love is only understood in the context of relationships because he says "people matter" why is loving God more important to me than loving people? Can there be any separation of the two?
  • If Jesus called people to himself, not Christianity, why am I so quick to defend the traditions of the Christian faith, rather than introduce people to Jesus?
  • If Jesus was both God and man, then he was not only the ultimate God, but also the ultimate human being. Is not the call to Christ, then, the call to be the best humans God made us to be? Maybe the call is not to be fully Christian, but to be fully human. Doesn’t God see "human" as sacred, beautiful and bearing God’s image?
  • How do I better teach values that point people to the mystical power of God’s Spirit, rather than teach "how to" mechanics that point people to the works of their own effort?
  • In my efforts to be "relevant", is my first commitment to be relevant to Christ?
  • Does my culture need me because I am connected to the God of the future – the Christ who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Does my living reflect this?
  • If today is a good day to live, is it also a good day to die? What risk will I take, what experience will I embrace, what call will I obey to be true to God and the "me" he created me to be – in this time, in this place… where I am?

Mark – thanks for these questions.  The answers aren’t easy ones, but they are certainly worth considering, discussing and passing on to others. 

2 Responses to “Great, great questions…”

  1. Betsy says:

    The best questions take years to answer. These are good thoughts, that will take me time to really process and walk out.

  2. Dane says:

    I love it! Great Questions! I especially like the one about seperating loving God from loving people. The funny thing is that so many people tie that in with defending their Christian Traditions. Their Christian Tradition is to love God so much that somehow people fall to the wayside. Makes you wonder if they are really loving the God of love, doesn’t it? Maybe my interpretation is skewed, but I think Jesus tied the two together when he said that in the NT there are only two commands: Love God with all your heart, and love people as yourself. Sounds like he saw them going together…

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