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Great Managers

Jun 20, 2005

I’ve just begun reading Marcus Buckingham’s latest book, The One Thing You Need to Know and ran across this excellent reminder to us as managers and leaders:

"The chief responsibility of a great manager is not to enforce quality, or to ensure customer service, or to set standards, or to build high-performance teams.  Each of these is a valuable outcome, and great managers may well use these outcomes to measure their success.  But these outcomes are the end result, not the starting point.  The starting point is each employee’s talents.  The challenge: to figure out the best way to transform these talents into performance.  This is the job of the great manager."

Such a good reminder!  How often are we so focused on the end results while at the same time neglecting the means by which they can be accomplished?

4 Responses to “Great Managers”

  1. kaleobill says:

    Great quote, Scott. That book is amazing – FULL of great stuff. It’s one that I’ve read through and need to read through again to fully process. I would love to hear how other Christian leaders are fleshing this out – how do we begin where people are and shape ministry around their unique gifting? We’re trying to move beyond the whole “take this Spiritual Gift test and then pick from this preselected list of possible ministry matches” type model. Ideas, anyone?

  2. Sarge says:

    Great qoute. That book is on my to read list.

  3. Abe says:

    So right on!

  4. Terry Storch says:

    That is a great book! There are many great lessons and reminders in the book.

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