Scott Hodge


Hmmm… (Updated)

Apr 6, 2008


Update: Here’s the skinny.  (Thanks Paul.)

4 Responses to “Hmmm… (Updated)”

  1. you have to let me know what it is… sound intriguing…

  2. reuben says:

    i have an inside scoop. don’t know if it is 100% accurate, but here goes: bring in any cup and you will get a refill for free!!!
    transmission out.

  3. i will definitely be at my Starbucks. just talked to my son that works at Starbucks and it sound intriguing.

  4. Dolores Cadena says:

    First, let me explain that I am also addicted to Starbucks. I go there at least twice a day. I love Chai and Peppermint Mochas. I really feel the reason Starbucks is having financial trouble is because they charge too much!!! Come on folks – we are in a recession! Their coffee is great but their prices are not!!!!When people are cutting things out of their budget, high priced coffee is the first to go. Don’t worry Scott – we will keep the gift cards coming…don’t want our pastor out of his favorite brew!!!

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