Scott Hodge


Hollywood Rockers

Jun 6, 2006


This is probably one of my favorite snapshots from my trip to LA a couple of weeks ago.  It was taken on Hollywood Blvd right across the street from the the El Capitan Theater where Jimmy Kimmel Live  is taped.  These guys were rockin’ out to some old time Led Zeppelin.  I love how they are standing on top of the celebrity stars…  (Click image to enlarge.) 

2 Responses to “Hollywood Rockers”

  1. John Gapp says:

    And they’re using the Fender Passport portable PA system…the same one we use in the jungles of Peru!

  2. jason allen says:

    Did you happen to take this picture during the Origins conference in May? I know it is a random question but I saw these same guys when we went down to Hollywood Blvd during the Origins/Ethos conferences.

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