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Oct 14, 2009


This past Monday marked five years since my dad passed away.  It was a good day actually.  Spent it with my mom, sister, and our families. It's always good to be together on "the day." 

What a five years it's been.  On one hand, there's been a lot of mixed emotions as I've tried to journey past the loss of my father.  Grief is a crazy thing.  Just when you think you've conquered it, you realize you've been duped. 

At the same time, however, my life has also been full of overwhelming joy as I've watched God pour his blessing upon my family and church community.  And so of course, I'm extremely thankful.

But the thing that I'm becoming more and more thankful for as times goes by, is this thing called hope.  For the first time in my life, I think I'm finally starting to "get it".  In fact, I'm not even sure I was able to truly grasp the depth or idea of hope until I found myself in desperate need of it.  And now, I find myself becoming more and more dependent upon it as each day passes. 

From my journal (8/09):

Hope tells me that…

The future will be better than today.
What's broken will one day be fixed.
What hurts will one day be healed.
What is wrong will one day be made right.
What has been missed, will one day be compensated for.

I'm choosing to embrace this with both hands.  

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13

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9 Responses to “Hope.”

  1. I can so relate, Scott. My dad passed away in May 2003. Good post. Here’s to our fathers!
    –Terrace Crawford

  2. Great post, Scott. I am grateful for how you regularly take a moment to honor your dad. You’re doing more than just reflecting – you’re laying a pattern for those in your sphere of influence. Good stuff.

  3. Justin Davis says:

    Powerful post Scott. I feel the same way about grace. I never “got it” till I needed it so desperately. So thankful for what God has done in and through you in the last five years.

  4. Thanks for sharing. The honest reflection of love & respect you have for your father is refreshing. It makes me (and I’m sure several other readers) wish I could have met him.

  5. Randy Schoof says:

    Scott, you know this – but it’s worth repeating. Your dad was a great friend, mentor, and example of Jesus to me. I miss him a lot too, and I know that much of the great kingdom stuff that we see in Aurora is a result of your dad’s work and prayers.
    My dad, who was huge in my life, and contributed a lot to Warehouse Church – is buried about 30 feet from your dad. So I enjoy the times at the cemetery… thanking God and being inspired.

  6. Joni says:

    Thanks for sharing your journal entry. I need to keep that in front of me often. Especially “What has been missed, will one day be compensated for.” And the photo is just perfect.

  7. Sovann says:

    Scott, I loved your Nines vid because you talked about your dad!
    I woke up today and talked with my wife about my dad for quite awhile; it’s been 6 years since he passed.
    Thanks for your post. I hope you ride well this wave of grief and that Christ will comfort you.

  8. Wow… simply amazing…

  9. natalie says:

    “Hope tells me…”… Hope has a lot to say, I hate that I fail to listen.
    Thanks for the Truth!

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