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How Fast Are You?

Dec 8, 2006

I just ran a speed test on my internet connection at home and here’s what it showed:


Download: 11551kbps
Upload: 357 kbps

Download seems great.  Upload not too hot.  I’m connected wirelessly to a cable modem.

Now I’m curious as to what YOUR speed is. 

Go here and find out and then come back and post it in the comments.  Leave your speeds and what type of connection you are running.

20 Responses to “How Fast Are You?”

  1. Truitt says:

    it says my download speed is 0 kbps. so i guess i am screwed.

  2. Chad Wright says:

    3,015 Download
    458 Upload
    Hooked up wirelessly to DSL.

  3. Mark Mende says:

    2250 download, 195 upload
    A loyal and usually happy dsl subscriber

  4. Chris Baker says:

    575 Down
    106 Up
    I am connected wirelessly to a DSL line. I have horrible DSL speeds. LOL. Other issue with these kinda tests are there probably not as accurate as one would like. With Server loads and I am sure people just hitting the site with requests, etc – its hard to get anything accurate. But on a happier note. After the 20th or so I will be up around 5 meg down – Finally upgrading here at home. I live in a low residential area. Surprised I even get DSL.

  5. Chris Baker says:

    I should also make mention that ‘up’ is usually slower then down – by far.

  6. Hale-Yeah! says:

    347/268, but I’m at a marriott hotel and I only got 2 bars on my airport.

  7. 4752 down
    446 up
    Hardwired to cable.

  8. Charlie says:

    Right now, I’ve got…
    4687 down
    436 up
    Hardwired to cable.
    Caveat: My automatically scheduled antivirus scan is running at the same time. I know that slows down my system performance, but whether it has anything to do with connection speed as well, I don’t know.

  9. jason allen says:

    3004 download, 481 upload

  10. Chris says:

    6653 Down
    364 Up
    Need more speed for sure!

  11. 9,209 Down
    1,801 Up
    not too shabby.

  12. danield says:

    7412 down
    364 up
    Comcast cable hardwired
    Kind of an similarity to life eh? Taking (down) more than giving (up).

  13. chris g says:

    piece of suck!
    1231 – down
    206 – up

  14. 2080 down
    482 up
    All on my handy dandy cable modem with a wireless router.

  15. Sam says:

    8362 down
    102 up
    Good ‘ol Purdue University in the residence halls. Now i’m interested to see the difference between here and out on campus using PAL (our wireless network).

  16. Elmer says:

    12313 down 350 up.
    Comcast on a wireless modem. I rock!!!!

  17. Keith H says:

    You are all too slow!!!
    Mine is 36885 down, and 35268 up!!!
    Of course, I am at the office :)

  18. wireless high speed
    4557 kbps download
    362 kbps upload

  19. Eric Marsh says:

    Down 6024
    Up 535
    Connected via wireless card to a cable modem!
    What I find funny are the men who are boasting about their great speed as if they are more of a man because of their internet speed.

  20. Big Chris says:

    222 down and 216 up via my wireless from my very slow DSL. I used to have high speed…
    Big Chris

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