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I am alive.

Nov 13, 2006

Got an email last night from my friend, Chris Bell, telling me that he was sorry to hear that I had passed away. 

Besides the fact that the email caused a mild case of acid reflux AND being concerned that Chris MIGHT have the gift of prophecy; I replied and asked him what the @#$*@*! (insert whatever you want there) he was talking about.

Turns out that someone who knows him and knows OF me and knows that we "knew" each other, came across Tally Wilgis’ blog and saw this post from April of 2006

"…I come across the loss of another distant friend Scott Hodge.
Now Scott and I have never met and we’ve only exchanged a few thoughts
via email and phone but he’s one of the guys I enjoy reading each day.

I wish it were not so.  We’ll miss you Scott.  I’ll pour out a Cafe’ Mocha for ya!

The people who read this thought that I had actually DIED and emailed Chris to tell him that they were sorry to hear that I had "passed away." 

Well, it turns out that what Tally was referring to was his reaction to my APRIL FOOL’S joke this past April when I wrote that I was shutting down!   

So, just to set the record straight…  I AM alive.  However, I DO appreciate these people’s condolences none the less.  Makes me feel good to know that I just might be blogged about even after I’m hangin’ out in the sweet by and by… 

4 Responses to “I am alive.”

  1. matt says:

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life and love of our friend, Scott.
    Scott, I miss you already. I wish I would have told you I love you more often… sniff, sniff.

  2. Johnny Laird says:

    I feel relieved to hear that you are actually alive, Scott. For a minute I was really freaked to think I’d spent months reading the postings of a dead guy!! Too spooky! ;-)

  3. Oh great. I finally get a link on the sidebar and Scott up and croaks.

  4. You would think they would know that email doesn’t work to dead people.

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