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I Love….

Feb 9, 2007





This is a video we used at our First Wednesday gathering this past Wednesday night to illustrate how we tend to use the phrase, "I love…."  to describe how we feel about everything from God to our favorite pizza topping. 

8 Responses to “I Love….”

  1. Beko says:

    1st Wednesday was really amazing. It really helped me to refocus my attention on what really matters. (ahem.. God) Thanx a million.

  2. Beko says:

    And the video was hilarious… :-D

  3. Jason says:

    You’re one funny dude Scott!
    I’m surprised you didn’t do the “Roxbury” head bob although lip-singing “Kyrie” is right up there.

  4. Doug says:

    It was a great time Wed. night. Although I didn’t make a “card”, I felt led to just spend some time meditating on the scripture that you used. Some very cool stuff to mull over.
    Thanks for such a great venue!!

  5. Dave says:

    really creative video Scott! I liked the part with the black pens, and all the cuts to you lip syncing!

  6. Hey Scott,
    I’m looking to get new glasses and I’m really digging yours… what kind are they/where did you get them?

  7. ronnie g says:

    to answer larry boatright, you can get a pair of those glassed FREE!!! All you need to do is join the Navy! (j.k. scott you know i love the look – I’m just jealous)

  8. HEATHER says:

    I love your humor/creativity Scott. I’m starting to think it stems from TOO much caffeine… I mean you stuck at least 50 black ink pens in your mouth… That’s not normal ;) And was that a SBUX cupcake?–which btw, the first ingredient is WATER! Who would have thought?
    Thanks for sharing what YOU love!

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