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iChat Problems at Starbucks

May 18, 2007


Are there any other Mac users out there who are experiencing problems logging on to iChat at Starbucks? 

If so, have you found a solution? 

I’m constantly having trouble logging on (to AIM) and pretty much never able to use the AV features (cam, etc…).

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks.

16 Responses to “iChat Problems at Starbucks”

  1. Been having lots of disconnect issues with iChat recently.

  2. David says:

    This might be a port issue. Try going into iChat prferences an click on “Accounts” in the preference window. Then, click on server settings tab. You will need to be disconnected when doing this next part. Change the port from what ever it is set to to 80. Then try it again. This is how I get around a lot of firewalls with AIM and iChat. Hackers of the world unite! =) Sorry, I watched Hackers (the movie) recently.

  3. michael says:

    I loved Hackers…Pirates of Silicon Valley on Gates and Jobs too.
    Of course, I’m sitting at my Dell playing with Excel…

  4. anne jackson says:

    yeah, it is a firewall issue it seems like t-mobile hot spots have (i have noticed @ airports, etc.) — although i am not a hacker so i just sigh and resolve that my life can continue without iChat (and several other other programs that are web-interactive that are not connected directly through a browser).

  5. Chris Baker says:

    I can’t afford the wireless at Starbucks (I don’t go there often enough to enjoy/justify it either) so I’m not quite sure or have not experienced the problem. But like David suggested…try a different port #. That should work good for you.

  6. richard says:

    i have a solution…find a real coffee shop!!! you’re getting ripped off having to pay for wifi, and starbucks has a corporate policy to burn espresso. find a local joint with free wifi and enjoy.

  7. matt says:

    hey scott…i have had that problem too, but i have found that when i use adium (an alternate chat client) it works much more consistently
    - matt

  8. doug says:

    I have trouble connecting to wifi anywhere. My house, school, starbucks, panera, etc. Any ideas?
    I don’t have a laptop either, so if anywone can help out that would be great.

  9. dang, Scott. I’ve gotten so used to telling my friends when they have computer problems that “they should get a mac instead” that I want to say “you should’ve gotten a mac”. DANG IT!! I’ve conditioned myself to that response, so I don’t know how to help. I think I’m about to short-circuit. Self destruct.
    I’d try changing your port. OR go to Panera. They have decent latte’s and FREE WIFI :)

  10. Flaviu Pop says:

    you’re not going to see Scott leave Starbucks – ever! i have a gut feel that even if they quit offering wifi, Scott will still be found there. he’ll figure a way to get online – using his Treo blue tooth idea!!! LOL!
    sorry, Scott. can’t help you man. haven’t tried the iChat in sbux yet.

  11. never had a prob at starbucks, but that coz i dont use internet there, coz its not free, lol, but very rarely can i get ichat AV to work…

  12. Erika Bock says:

    i just love that i know what ichat is now! how did i live this long with out a mac! its like He said let there be light. there was light. let there be amazing. and there was a mac =p

  13. brian Ayers says:

    I too have found that Adium works at Starbucks. I like Adium better than iChat, but now that I have a MacBook I am bummed that it doesnt support my iSight… hopefully the next update will do something about this.

  14. Haven’t tried it at Starbucks, but I second the recommendation for Adium. Great app; I use it for dual AIM accounts, a Google Talk account, and, um, way too many IM accounts, basically.

  15. Try adium. it’s far superior to iChat…and can look better. Plus you’ll be more of a Mac dork like the rest of us. :)

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