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iFollow and a few thoughts…

Nov 28, 2005

This past weekend at the Orchard I wrapped up a series entitled,

4 Responses to “iFollow and a few thoughts…”

  1. bob Franquiz says:

    Great stuff! By the way, it looks like there’s a book missing in the “what you have read”/ “are reading”/”want to start reading” list. :)

  2. Matt Payne says:

    Great series! I am planning on stealing, I mean uhh, borrowing it! :)

  3. S. says:

    I stumbled across your blog and your podcast. I have all sorts of questions for you, but they haven’t, you know, come together just yet. But I’ll get there soon…

  4. Phil says:

    Interesting to study the 4 different words that are usually translated as “follow” in the Bible. People want to be led, but Christ encouraged us to not be followers of men (in a follow after way), but to follow Him (in a side-by-side way). Interesting to find out the different flavors. Lead people side-by-side with them and Christ, rather than get them to follow after you. You probably know all that; it was new to me a few months ago and wanted to chime in.

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