Scott Hodge



Dec 29, 2006


Had my weekly pre-weekend review meeting with Mike Jones via iChat this morning.  Man….just can’t get over how technology is changing the way and frequency in which we can connect with one another – regardless of distance.   This big, gigantic world is starting to feel more and more like a global "village." 

(Disclaimer: On the other hand, no amount of technology can replace the benefit of personal connection made by eyeball to eyeball meetings and conversations, but it sure beats simply typing words back and forth when working off-site or traveling.

2 Responses to “iMeeting”

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Eyeball time is usually more fun but this is a good substitute when not in the office at the same time. Just watch out for onlookers at starbucks when you’re talking to your computer :)

  2. anthony cadena says:

    man, i wish i had a mac book pro, or mac book, i still have to get a iSight for my powerbook :(

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