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Oct 27, 2008


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Wow, what a weekend at The Orchard as we kicked off a new series called "Inked!  Man, the momentum was awesome!  TONS of new faces….all three services packed out….a sweet Harley Davidson on the stage…..and a bunch of amazing teams that worked super hard to pull it all off!

"Inked" is a series about going "beneath the surface" in our relationships.  We began this weekend by talking about "communication" – and specifically how to be effective listeners.  Our prayer was, "God, help us to seek first to understand….then to be understood."  Now, that's a good prayer! 

And the fact that God understands us empowers us to be intentional about listening with the intent to understand others.  Practical, hopeful and extremely convicting!

Don't forget – if you have a tattoo, we'd love to hear your story behind it.  Just go to to tell your story and submit your tattoo photo!

4 Responses to “Inked!”

  1. I love the stage and setup! Very cool.

  2. Erik says:

    Are you going to get inked at the end of the series? Maybe teaching from the tat shop?

  3. brewster says:

    i have got to come to your church. that stuff looks KILLER.

  4. nathan camp says:

    Hey Scott, bro…love the pics! Do you do the same service look and feel (Candles, dark, etc.) in the AM as you do in the PM? Very cool…

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