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Inked Stories: Adam

Oct 31, 2008

Each week during our "Inked" series, we are showing tattoo stories from different people at The Orchard.  Here's the one we showed last weekend!

Inked Tattoo Story: Adam from scotthodge on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “Inked Stories: Adam”

  1. says:


    Scott Hodge over at The Orchard is doing a very creative series called “Inked”. Some day I may steal the idea and do the series at Bikers’ Church … but for now, I wanted to show you one of the…

  2. Carter Moss says:

    I love Adam, he's a great friend! Awesome story too, glad he got to share it for your your church.

  3. john mullis says:

    his tat is like a monument to what God has done in his life. like when the tribe crossed the Jordan river and they all put down large stones so they could remember what God did for them

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