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Inspiring Others

May 12, 2005

When I stop and think about what it is in my life that really fires me up and excites me, it always comes back to the subject of leadership. 

A couple of days ago I met with a guy in our church who is going to be organizing and leading a ministry team.  The more we discussed this area of ministry, the more I knew this was going to be a great fit.  (The gut feeling was a GOOD one – whew…!) 

Probably the most exciting part of our conversation was watching his face light up as I painted a picture for him of what it is like to be involved in leading at The Orchard (or in any local church that is doing their best in keeping God’s mission their mission.)

As I sat across the table from him, I began telling him how much his
life was going to be impacted by leading others.  I told him how he is
going to be playing a key role in fulfilling the greatest mission ever
given to mankind.  I told him that it wouldn’t always be easy – but
that God would give him the grace and wisdom to lead well. 

This did something to him.  He left inspired.  And so did I.  And I also left reminded of the fact that no matter how complex our jobs as leaders get – there is nothing that can replace reaching inside the heart of another individual and inspiring them to greatness.  There really is nothing like it.

I was blown away too when he began sharing with me how he himself was a product of our church’s mission.  He showed up one weekend and over a period of time he began taking steps forward on his spiritual journey.  And now – several months later – he is ready to make a public profession of his faith in Christ through water baptism. 

2 Responses to “Inspiring Others”

  1. kaleobill says:

    that’s awesome, scott! made my morning. thanks for reminding us what it’s all about. there’s nothing better than watching God work in people’s lives and seeing them really come alove, often for the very first time. keep calling people to Kingdom greatness.

  2. Abe says:

    This is great. Really great thoughts. This has inspired me as well.
    And I’m excited about what’s going on at the Orchard, buddy!

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