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iPhone Issues, UPDATED 9/2 1:30PM

Sep 2, 2008


Ok, so I'm a big Apple guy.  Everyone knows that.  I use a MacBook Pro and our entire staff is now using Macs.  And I can honestly say that switching from PC to Mac was a great move for all of us.

Now, let me talk about the iPhone….

In a lot of ways, the iPhone truly is a revolutionary phone.  It's freakin' sexy….  The navigation is amazing.  And there are some pretty cool apps available for it.  So when 3G version came out, I upgraded. 

Or so I thought…

Because now after having the phone for a couple of months, I'm starting to wonder if this really was an "upgrade."  Where do I begin?  Hmmm….  Let's see.  I'm going to bullet point this, which is something I only do when I can quickly rattle of more than three things.  Which, in this case, isn't good.

  • Network Switching – The phone does not effortlessly switch from 3G to Edge.  In fact, if I'm on a phone call in 3G mode and the signal goes weak, instead of switching over to Edge – the call is dropped!  So now, whenever I need to use the phone for talking, I have to go in and switch it off of 3G first.
  • Crack - Which I think I need a little bit of right about now….  Ok, kidding.  But the casing on the phone is starting to show little hairline cracks along the edges UNDER the glass.  I'll try to post a photo to show you what I'm talking about.

  • Battery Life – Complete Crap.  (Even WITH 3G shut off…)
  • Lag Time – When I click on my contacts……it shows the opening page, but then reacts SLOWLY.  It just sits there.  Same with a couple other programs.


Ok, that was good.  Needed that!  Ok, where was I??

  • iPod spontaneaously turning on.  Every once in a while, the iPod just starts playing.  Which stinks when I'm in church or a meeting.
  • Email issues.  I have no idea why this is happening, but sometimes the only way I can get my email to download is if I restart my phone.  Otherwise, it just sits there and acts like it's looking for emails, but doesn't do anything.
  • Pagination for SMS.  When I scroll to write someone an SMS, my phone doesn't paginate correctly.  I have to RESTART the phone so that I can even get to the text box to type the SMS message. 

Now, I know that I'm opening up a can of worms here – especially with all my Blackberry friends who are reading this and thinking to themselves, "HA!  Scott!  See, we were right!"  Well let me just say that I've already instructed my assistant, Terri, who approves all of the comments on this blog to ignore all of your comments and to also add your personal email to the Florida Revival Email List.  So please, don't even bother!  :)

Secondly, if you know me, you know that I'm an optimist.  I hate complainers.  So….let me also mention that I have faith that Apple is going to fix this and make it right.  And I will keep you posted as to how that goes.  I'm taking my first step towards getting this worked out TODAY. 

That's it for now….  I'll update the above list as I recall what else has been going wrong with the phone.  I know there are others, but I really have to go now. 

13 Responses to “iPhone Issues, UPDATED 9/2 1:30PM”

  1. David says:

    Hey Scott, I don’t have an iPhone yet. Dear Lord I want one so bad.
    I’ve heard several people with the same problems that you have had and I’ve heard this is the solution. Do a wipe of the firmware. Hold the top button and the home button down for a while. It will then show like the iTunes symbol or something and a cable. Reconnect it to your computer and it will ask if you want to restore from backup. Say NO! It will then go out and grab the latest firmware and install it. Then do a regular sync.
    One of the things that I’ve heard causes some of these issues is downloading applications or media over the air causes a lot of them. Most of these solutions or causes of problems I’ve heard about on MacBreak Weekly podcast by Leo Laporte.
    If it still isn’t working for you, you can just send one to me down here in Phoenix, AZ.

  2. Dan Musaraca says:

    Hey Scott – I wondered if you had upgraded. I also upgraded back in July and Ebay’ed my 1st Gen, so there’s no going back. I have experienced all the problems you listed and am on my 2nd phone now. It is as buggy as any new Windows system when it first comes out. Call Apple, complain, schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar, exchange it for a new iPhone.

  3. Erik says:

    Those are but a few of the reasons I haven’t gotten one and still use my Blackberry (IF IS GET THE RIVAL SPAM THE SPAM TORRENT I WILL UNLEASH WILL BE SPECTACULAR.) LOL You know I wouldn’t really do that and I would think that Terri and you wouldn’t either.
    I knew there would be issues with the thing being plastic. I knew the battery would be terrible. I tried one out right after it came out and I am not a fan of the touchscreen period.
    On a lighter note I will be a Macbook Pro guy shortly after the new ones are available. They better announce serious updates to the Pro line on Sept. 9, it has been over 2 years since the things came out.

  4. Jake says:

    I also upgraded, but have been very happy with it. I can’t say I have any of the same probs you mentioned, except the battery life seems somewhat worse than my first iPhone.
    Agree with David. If you haven’t already, try restoring the whole darn thing. I have ran into a few buggy apps that seemed to throw my phone for a loop and an entire restore did the trick. Do it at night though. It takes a while to reinstall your backup….
    Keep the list updated on the progress you make too!

  5. “and to also add your personal email to the Florida Revival Email List.”
    speechless, truly speechless!

  6. It may be time to downgrade to iPhone 1.0. Mine works great and has none of the problems you listed. Battery time is awesome. The only thing that I am missing is 3G, and it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal.

  7. Guy Kawasaki had a great link on his blog about battery life.
    Definitely worth the read.

  8. djm says:

    When the Macbook Pro came out I really wanted one but waited 6 months before I got one. I let the early adopters beta test it and then I picked one up when they (Apple) had worked out the kinks.
    I really want an iPhone but plan on using my humble Blackberry Curve for at least the next 6 months and will pick up the second gen G3 iPhone…

  9. adriansoto says:

    hey Scott I agree trap crap battery life. I use to have a blackberry with t-mobile and made the switch. Heck you and a few thousand including myself all have the same issue I’m on my 3rd iPhone. How can u see the cracks on the black casing? I have back light leak on the left hand side of the LCD. Not much though. Battery I calibrated by letting it die completly till it shut off then I pluged it in and let it charge for 9hrs over night while the phone was shut off now my usage is 5:45hrs usage and1day40 min on stand by and that is with 3G off push service off location service off as well. The contacts …… Horrible lag !! And the app crashing as well. I feel your pain. Let’s hope this sept. Update will fix all this soon

  10. Tim Gabbard says:

    Hey Scott, read the blogpost and I had to leave a comment. I had a Blackjack and upgraded to the iPhone a few weeks ago. I have had no problems other than the same SMS issues as you. The battery life has been no problem at all. I have read that a few applications could still be running after you close them, that could explain the battery life sucking.
    Overall the iPhone was a upgrade worth keeping for me.

  11. dug says:

    Scottie Dude,
    I’d take that mug back to a Genius and let her/him deal with it. The only thing that I can relate to is the less than impressive battery life. Buy the AppleCare and drive it like a rental. I have to say, other than the aforementioned battery life or lack thereof, I love my iPhone and would buy another one tomorrow.

  12. Scott, I wish you would quit complaining…remember some of us on certain church staffs still use rotary phones to communicate…and using your finger to dial the zero or nine is a fricken bear…take care bro!

  13. I actually bought an iPhone a couple of weeks ago. I completely loved it as a concept, but as a phone is was a complete dud. I actually had to take it back to AT&T after two days. I was sad to do it, but I needed a phone first and foremost. So . . . back to my trusty Palm (for now). Maybe the HTC Touch HD will be what I’ve been waiting for.

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