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Irish Friday!

Aug 5, 2006

Check out this group of passionate, fired up, Irish Jesus freaks that I hung out with today!


These guys are part of an innovative ministry in Ireland called Exodus.
Their mission is to connect with the local youth and young adult
culture by creating alternative venues where people can gather to build
relationships and begin a journey of following Jesus.  It’s a great

Trevor Loughridge is their team leader and one heck of a great guy!  We initially met a few months ago after he read our story in Leadership Journal and had an immediate connection.  Love this guy’s heart! Trevor and his team came to Chicago to visit Willow Creek, The Orchard and Harvest.  What a mix! :)  

We had a great time talking about our journey of transition and
change and had some great conversation about things like creating
relevant environments, maintaining a balance between "excellence" and
"authenticity" and how to create communities full of glocally minded Jesus followers.

It was also cool to meet a fellow blogger who is on their team – Emma Boyd.  Emma blogged about their visit at her site, emmsy.  What an encouraging post!  Thanks Emma! 

Trevor and Emma, Paula-Jean, Alan, Emma, Georgine and Audrey – GREAT
meeting you guys!  Keep up the great work!  Thanks for sharing YOUR
passion!  It’s contagious.  Let’s do it again! 

2 Responses to “Irish Friday!”

  1. PJ says:

    Hi Scott I jst read my first blog and it was yours….. basically only coz it was all about us lol!!!! Thanks so much for blessing us sooo much It was more than lovely meeting you. Love and Prayers PJ xoxo

  2. Chip Sanders says:

    I mean this as a compliment. When I met you all those years ago at North Central I wouldn’t have thought that you would be able to influence so many people. It is apparent you have grown into a leader. It is awesome to see God work through you and to see so many influenced for the kingdom. Keep it up!

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