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Is Your Starbucks Closing?

Jul 17, 2008

Here it is ladies and gentlemen!  The “official” list of Starbucks stores that will be closing next year.

And WHY do I seem to be in such a good mood? 

Because I’m in luck!  Even though they are closing down 16 Chicagoland stores, NONE of my “regulars” are included.

Praise the Lord and pass the skim!

How about yours?

Download the list by clicking here. (.pdf)

P.S. Sorry to all of you who are losing your favorite Starbucks.  Seriously….  That’s a bummer.

(HT: Mark Miller)

20 Responses to “Is Your Starbucks Closing?”

  1. looks like i’m safe. :)

  2. David says:

    Wow, seriously, they are only closing one in the entire state of AZ. I’m amazed. I’m just glad the one within walking distance from me isn’t closing.

  3. We’re losing one of our Starbucks. It makes me wonder about the decision process at Starbucks since this is the only store between Little Rock and Oklahoma City on I40. How do they expect people to drive over 300 miles without an iced coffee! I guess they’ll have to sell those IV’s. It closes July 31st.

  4. Erik says:

    Sadly the one I frequent in Hawaii all the time is closing.
    Oh I don’t frequent a Starbucks in Hawaii, I have never been to Hawaii.
    None of mine are on that list. Though if they did close the one near Vanderbilt I wouldn’t be that disappointed. Terrible access on and off the road, and the employees don’t really seem to care that much.

  5. Rob Edwards says:

    Looks like we dodged the bullet, too!

  6. So they’re closing the only one within 20 miles of me (Chanahon/Minooka, IL)
    I wonder how the process works… When I was in Portland last year, there were Starbucks on every corner, literally. Only closing three in Portland.
    Oh well… Bean Encounters it is!

  7. ted says:

    You know people are addicted when they are scoping the landscape as to what sbux is closing nearby. As though it is a quentessential for one’s human survival. (If Abraham Maslow was still around I would assume he would have added SBUX to his heirarchy of needs.)
    (BTW: We are talking about a COFFEE place shutting down! NOT a hospital, grocery store, or an essential place to sustain health and well being…you know, the places that are essential for taking care of our health needs. Then again, I have met some who shouldn’t be looked at or talked to when they haven’t had their coffee.)

  8. Dean Kuest says:

    Well, seeing as I live in Seattle, I don’t believe I have much to worry about. I can take you to half a dozen intersections that have a Starbucks on all four corners – literally!
    If you want coffee on the run, there are half a million (yes, I’m exagerating) drive through coffee stands in the city. Now you can ogle half-dressed (or less) women with your coffee.,2933,248299,00.html

  9. Aaron says:

    It is amazing how many stores Starbucks has. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t very many.

  10. Ilene says:

    One closing in Oklahoma was just built and opened in the last 3 months. What a waste!

  11. Mike says:

    Not a big loss. Starbucks going will leave the way for new more inovative coffee/tea shops. Starbucks was starting to get old.

  12. JustaName says:

    One of the big reasons I see for the closing is trying to pay rent with $5.00 coffee and pastries. There is a company in CA that has coffee and paint it yourself ceramics. They have been called the “Franchise of the Century”, what is great about them they also help the local schools with their art programs. Maybe Starbucks should look into Ceramics To Go.

  13. From what I understand of “the list,” from a regional manager friend of mine, the list is the list of underperforming stores, which definitely includes brand new ones as they are still ramping up. I believe there is some leeway in the final decision on each store, involving a more detailed evaluation process. So some of those fledgling buckies might make it.
    I’m losing several spots I frequent, including my second-favorite “anonymous” Starbucks – the place where I go NOT to interact, but to study or be alone. Oh well…market forces at work. Usually good things follow – like an opening for some community based shops.

  14. Jeremy says:

    We are losing ours. It’s been open four months. Dangit. :(

  15. D PLUM says:

    Man, TWELVE Sbux stores are closing here in MD… and I didn’t even check DC or Northern VA! One out of the three College Park stores here are closing, but it’s the newest one and does the least business. So, my favorite two places will still be up and running! :-)
    D PLUM

  16. Kevin says:

    You won’t catch me cryin’ – I say down with the Green Giant – I’m more of an indie coffee guay – support local roasters and coffee houses!

  17. Scott, we lost 2 here… and thankfully they weren’t the ones I frequent. By the way, did you know you can get 2 hrs of free Wifi at Starbys? I just found out and blogged about it here:

  18. Evan Rummel says:

    We’ve got five closing up here in CT but the one I work at thankfully is staying open :)

  19. Joe Case says:

    Surprisingly, not one Starbucks is closing in Nashville proper. Just outside of town there are some closing, but none here.
    Guess my wife and I have done our job keeping them in business!!

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