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Jesus VS. Christians

May 8, 2007




I don’t typically promote my weekend talks or podcast via my blog, but I want to share my talk with you from this past weekend at The Orchard where we are currently in a series entitled, "Confessions of a blue jean wearin’, Starbucks addicted pastor." 

My "confession" this past weekend was:

"I don’t like [MOST] Christians." 

Above is a video we showed during the talk
illustrating the huge gap that exists between people’s perception of
"Jesus" and their perception of "Christians."  We taped the interviews a couple of week’s ago on the near north side of Chicago.  It’s a pretty intriguing video…

The talk went great and the feedback that I have been getting from people who were there or have listened to the podcast has been outstanding.  In the talk, I shared some really revealing (and bothersome) stats that I picked up from a talk given by David Kinnaman at Q a couple of weeks ago.  I also shared a great illustration that I picked up from Dan Kimball’s book entitled, They Like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations.  Great book…. 

Anyway…  Pretty eye opening stuff.  ESPECIALLY for people who might not be "in tune" with the perceptions that young outsiders have of Christians and the Church.  Here are some download links if you are interested:

Download the talk here.
Download the .pdf of my Keynote presentation.
Subscribe to The Orchard podcast via iTunes here.

38 Responses to “Jesus VS. Christians”

  1. really looking forward to hearing this talk…

  2. We’re Not Making This Stuff Up

    We continue to get all sorts of violent reactions to our Christian/Christ-follower videos, which is fine. But after seeing Scott Hodge’s video from his past weekend services at the Orchard church down the road, well, I guess my passion for

  3. Great video…
    Very thought provoking…sad…but very true.

  4. Doug says:

    I was hoping you were going to put that video on you blog. Now I can link to it!!
    I was shocked!!

  5. Celine says:

    Hey there, I happened to chance upon here when following links while bloghopping- and well, it’s been refreshing.
    Like I came upon this quote: “Never confuse the faith with the supposedly faithful.
    It’s very true now, especially with many hypocritical christians out there giving more people a chance to criticize God. (I’m sorry about that. But I was one too, and hopefully not anymore.)
    And, about your old post on Rob Bell: I love his videos! Rain in particular, reminded me of how much He loves us.
    God bless, and keep well.
    (P.S. Quote from S*P:
    It’s along the same lines as your post, and an interesting read.)

  6. Brian says:

    Scott: WOW! That video made me want to cry. I just heard Dan Kimball talk at a conference about why people “…Like Jesus, but Not The Church.” His short answer was that most people simply don’t have a friendship with any true Christians.
    It is really a sad state we are in; living in our Christian bubble in the midst of a dying world.

  7. John Coziton says:

    I think it is OK for Christians to dislike churches that do not preach the word and who desire nothing more than to just put on a show. Places like this are popping up all over the place. All they care about is saving people. The churches’ job is to preach all of the word and to disciple new believers.
    So just because a place is called a church does not make it God’s church. A church needs to do things that will bring honor and glory to His name and need to be held accountable for this. Only churches who truly do God’s will are considered to be the church.

  8. wow…great clip…are you willing to share it with other churches to include in their services?

  9. They like Jesus – but notChristians

    Scott Hodge just wrote about his recent sermon. I love the video they put together. Its eye-opening, especially for folks who dont hear the uncensored feelings of many non-Christians
    Scott also did a great job illust…

  10. bobby says:

    Hey Scott……great MOS! I am with Chad on making it available, as I think it safe to say EVERY Christian sitting in a church anywhere needs to see (over and over) where people out there really are and think.
    Enjoyed chatting at Unleashed…..looking forward to seeing what evolves.

  11. Kyle says:

    Thank you so much for posting, Scott. I think it’s so important for people to see this.

  12. Betsy says:

    OK, I’m not disagreeing with the sentiments expressed here: there is a huge disparity between the nature and character of Jesus himself and the perceived and expressed nature and character of his followers.
    That being said, I would like to pose a question: how much of this perception gap is caused by the secularization of the historical character of Jesus? Meaning, those outside the church have tried to sap Jesus of his divinity by portraying him as a mild-mannered, loving hippie character. Peace, man. Jesus minus the hard teachings. Jesus who accepts sinners, without adding, “Go and sin no more.” The “good teacher” Jesus.
    Does that make sense? If you asked them more in-depth questions about their perception of Jesus, would it turn out that they’re not thinking of the guy who asked people to take up their cross and leave everything to follow him?
    Just a thought.

  13. Chris says:

    Kimball’s book ‘They Like Jesus but Not The Church’ is an amazing book. It is a very intriguing book that I think every believer should read.

  14. Cool video; very interesting. I’m totally posting this.
    Kudos for actually getting out to the streets and soliciting these responses.

  15. Flaviu says:

    checked out your keynote presentation and man, i like it. been diggin’ into the stuff from Q and Fermi Project and this stuff is unbelievable. we got work to do. much of the mess we made with our own hands and man-made traditions. it’s time for the Church to step out of its own subculture and make steps in order to get a spot at the table. i’m looking forward to hear your talk.
    by the way, the Jesus series i’m doing now is so in line with what you have in your keynote. love it!!!! keep posting, man!

  16. matt says:

    From my angle on it, the church sucks at marketing. We sure have a great product that “sells itself” but our sales staff is terrible.
    Just gave me an idea for my next blog. I’ll link you of course…. Thanks!

  17. Rev Scottie says:

    Only Christians can take the most exciting message in the world and screw it up so badly that no one wants to hear it.
    By the way Joni what do you mean by a church that’s only interested in saving people? I think that’s the least of the problems facing the church today.

  18. Concerned Friend says:

    John Cozitan (a.k.a. MC),
    It seems like you have a knack for popping up periodically (seemingly around the subject matter of what a

  19. Joni says:

    Rev Scottie, I just said “Ugh”.

  20. Rev Scottie says:

    Sorry Joni,
    I misread by one line I don’t think you would want to be confused with John Cozitan. :)

  21. Josh Karrer says:

    I wonder how much of this is stemmed from the Christian “industry” and the Press? The cheesy t-shirts, TBN, “Jesus Camp”, and just one fanatical can ruin it for 200+ “normal” Christians. One negative carries more social weight and power than 5 positives.
    Regardless, it doesn’t seem like we are doing our job in communicating what a Christ follower should look like. ugh

  22. love the video…
    what a tragedy…

  23. Awesome video – sucks that someone said “the south” when asked about Christians! AHHHH!!!!!

  24. Daniel D says:

    Is it becoming politically correct to like Jesus but dislike Christians? I mean, one thing that has always baffled me is how you can talk with an nonbeliever and in one breath they may say that they think Jesus is admirable and represents love, etc. but if you pressed further with Jesus’s claim to be the only way to a relationship with God then they would immediatley become uncomfortable as if you were pushing the “Christian religion” upon them. Is that where it breaks down? If we just talk about love with no obedience or accountability then I guess we’re a-okay but the minute you move past that, we become “Christians.”

  25. Daniel D says:

    Oh yeah… LOVED the video though. You guys rock and big props for doing it. Makes me want to go out and do it here in the streets of my town just to pulse the peeps and see a sampling of people’s true thoughts.

  26. Joe says:

    Come on kids,
    Jesus said they hated me before they hated you.
    I’m not surprised by this at all. If you present the gospel as Jesus laid it out you will get that reaction. Non christians are offended by the cross. It was a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the greek.
    Paul didn’t change his message. It was Christ on the cross that he preached. Present the gospel message using the word of God for alone it saves.
    Understand that God controls everything and He is not up in heaven wringing His hands because some people have a poor and wrong headed view of christians.
    I really think that these kinds of videos waste a lot of time.
    Pastors, preach the true gospel from our pulpits and those sitting out in the pews go ye into all the world and preach the gospel and those that will be saved, will be saved. Check out John 6:44.
    He has a perfect plan.
    Remember, the way unto salvation is narrow and the way unto destruction is wide.
    Stop wasting time watching videos and learn and understand God’s teachings. Scripture really is sufficient….Sola Scriptura!!

  27. Joe says:

    Matt said.
    “Only Christians can take the most exciting message in the world and screw it up so badly that no one wants to hear it. ”
    Whose message is it? Ours? God’s?
    Think about this guys…..despite us “screwing up”, Jesus’s message, its still going to get out there. He handed it over to 12 very ordinary men and look at it today.
    God is in total control despite us. You posters make God look like He can’t get His message out.
    God is Holy, Holy, Holy!!
    Wow!! This is breathtaking how powerless you make God and Matt your right most people don’t want to hear that their sinners going to hell, but that’s the message and its not up to us who will and won’t be saved.

  28. jWinters says:

    Hey Scott, I liked the video and even linked from my blog to yours. There is an unfortunate problem with this video, however, that I noticed while I was watching it. It’s tilted. The people who said “Savior” don’t end up on the second half — maybe they had been raptured away.
    Now I understand making a point and I understand editing to make a point, but this isn’t good rhetoric. It doesn’t give the Christians response time. As I said in my blog, I really like these kinds of videos – and they’re really fun to make. Still, you should allow the people who said Jesus was “Savior” to respond to how they saw “Christians”.

  29. Chris says:

    That is some great stuff Scott, its also great so see and hear about so many other

  30. Chris says:


  31. Good Stuff.
    Really enjoyed the graphic from your sermon showing that most people have to overcome the Christian sub-culture before they can even begin to deal with their separation from God because of sin.

  32. Lois Janke says:

    THIS WAS VERY SAD INDEED!! How people see Christians..We ALL need to do a better job showing the “Love of CHRIST”…Then maybe the word Jesus and Christian (which means “Christ like”) would be synonomous…

  33. Ian Stephenson says:

    I’m a middle-aged person who has not attended traditional church for some 18 months and it has been a really valuable time. It is a misnomer to think that growth and maturity have to happen in a highly structured, time focused environment.
    One comment that I’d like to make is that the attitudes expressed in the video are in no way limited to a particular age demographic. Most of the people that I engage with, who do not classify themselves as christian, have been expressing critical views not only about christians but also the church for years. But then again I’m based in Australia which has never been such an overtly christian nation as the USA.
    I think the video is a really positive move towards self reflection and hopefully change.

  34. Bill A. says:

    Very powerful video. Is this video available for other churches to show?

  35. bijoy says:

    Hi, i just surfed in searching for interesting blogs on Spirituality, you have a cool blog. Do keep up the good work. I’ll be back even though i live far from where you live. its nice to be able to see what people from across the world thinks.
    Warm Regards from the Other Side of the Moon.
    On a related note perhaps you might find the following link interesting. Its propossing a theory and i’ll like to hear your take on the subject via comments. See ya…
    Jesus an Essenes ?

    Kerala, India

  36. heather egly says:

    This was an interesting video in lots of ways!
    Based on a few people interviewed, it shows us how Christians can allow room for growth in the way we come across to people, creative ways to spread the good news, relevance without mirroring the world. The world needs to see true love among Christians. Maybe that

  37. Eric says:

    I came back to this video after you referenced it in this past week’s sermon. It’s really one of the most convicting videos I’ve ever seen. Tugs at my heart every time.
    And now I’m left at the point where I’m confused about how to behave, since I don’t want anyone to think I might be one of “those” Christians, yet desperately want them to understand the reason I have hope.

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