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Butt Naked On The JumboTron

Nov 22, 2010

Growing up, the idea of “God as Judge” always worried me…no…actually, it scared the daylights out of me.  All I could ever picture was one day standing butt-naked and full of shame before The Creator of the Universe as he played video snippets of all of my life’s sins on a giant Sony JumboTron in front of everyone I knew (and a bunch of pretty girls I didn’t and definitely wouldn’t after that).

This did not excite me. For one, because of how expansive I knew the “Scott-Sin Video Library” would be, this “viewing” would undoubtedly take a very long time. Definitely longer than my mom’s or sister’s.  Secondly, I couldn’t stand the idea of how ashamed and guilty I knew I would feel in that moment.

(Perhaps this would be a good place to pause and say a special thank-you to many of the church camp speakers who basically brainwashed me into believing all of this….  I hope you are now retired)

Thankfully, I’ve learned of God’s mercy and grace.  I’ve learned that where there is sin….there is an even greater amount of grace.

I’ve learned that in a Biblical context, judgment is almost always a very good thing!  Not so much for the unrepentant perpetrators, but most certainly good for those who have been deceived and oppressed….or for those who have been misjudged, wrongly accused, and forgotten.

When you get a chance, read Psalm 98.  What you’ll find is that the coming of God’s judgment gives us great reason to sing a new song and to make a joyful noise.  And that it’s enough to motivate the the seas to roar, the rivers to clap their hands, the hills to sing for joy

“For He is coming to judge the earth. With righteousness He shall judge the world,  And the peoples with equity.Psalm 98:9

6 Responses to “Butt Naked On The JumboTron”

  1. Chilly says:

    This is great Scott! I love the Judge!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Bro!

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  3. Laura says:

    After the “Mirrors” series this year, I was so relieved to know that there is only one Mirror, one Judge that I need to be concerned with. I had that same kind of outlook for a long time, that my sins would overwhelm any good part of me, but with the realization that HIS grace was extended on my behalf and freed me to accept HIS love and open arms.

  4. jay sauser says:

    Good reminder my friend, good reminder

  5. Larry says:

    We must have been to the same church camp, or at least had the same teachers. Phew, i feel better already.

  6. Joni Ruhs says:

    First, “Butt Naked On The Jumbotron” would be an excellent band name, album or song title, series or book title. It’s a great lyric hook.
    Second, the fact that God is Judge and fair comforted me in dealing with past wrongs done against me. Knowing that He would deal properly with my offenders gave me some peace.

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