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Apr 28, 2005


I heard a group called Keane for the first time tonight on Jay Leno.  Maybe I’m totally behind on who’s who, but they are really good!  Their band was made up of a vocalist, drummer and keyboard player.  They had somewhat of a Coldplay/U2 sound to them.  Check out their site – some good sound samples.


PS – Interestingly enough, they are on the Island Record label – same label that helped  some Irish band that I’m sort of into get their start.

4 Responses to “Keane”

  1. I stream Virgin Radio UK from iTunes at work all day long and they play KEANE quite a bit. They’ve got a future I think.

  2. Denise says:

    I have their CD Hopes and Fears…it is awesome. I love them. I too thought they sounded like Coldplay.

  3. Terry Storch says:

    I will check them out. I am really loving The Killers. Crazy name, but their music is awesome!

  4. I must be old. Today on the way to work I was listening to “the Crucified” in the car; the first album.
    Oh, come on… someone must know who the Crucified were? Fred Shirley, are you reading? Help me out!
    While I can appreciate that U2 are good songwriters, I will welcome the day when every other new band does not sound like U2 or Radiohead/Coldplay. On the other hand, I am quite open to a revival of eighties thrash-metal/punk. ;-)

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