Scott Hodge


Kirk Cameron on O’Reilly

May 9, 2007


I hope he doesn’t pull out a banana….

12 Responses to “Kirk Cameron on O’Reilly”

  1. Joni says:

    Can I say it again?

  2. emma says:

    Me too…. huh?!?

  3. Michael says:

    So what happened? Was he a crack-smoker?

  4. Sandy Gibbes says:

    I watched something last night about Kirk and Ray Comfort and their debate with atheists at some church. Irritated me at the cheesiness of their point/counterpoint part. Just irritating. Thoughts?

  5. Doug says:

    See video from earlier post……
    Unfortunately, their message is mostly about avoiding hell, which is but one “perk” of being a christian, oops, christ follower.

  6. Daniel D says:

    I too watched the ABC debate, if you can calll it that, last night. I have to be honest that I’m not sure what to think of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. I can see some good points in what they are doing, such as the Hollywood and God site they have ( but the whole “Way of the Master” deal just pulls at me a bit. Maybe it’s because when I go their websites it seems more about selling products than anything else. Not sure. Just wish they wouldn’t resort to trying to win an unwinnable debate with a team of atheist on national TV. Makes “christ follwers” look silly.

  7. It’s interesting that these guys get so many negative posts. I think in my years of being a believer, I have learned more from Ray’s ministry than anything else. These guys are encouraging people to share their faith. I can imagine most of the people that say negative things about their ministry haven’t shared the Lord with anyone in the past month. Just a thought.

  8. Joe says:

    Amen Justin.

  9. Mark Collier says:

    Hmmm… can’t go there with you on that one, Daniel. I think I understand what you’re trying to communicate, but that does indeed take your imagination to make that statement with any certainty…

  10. Mark Collier says:

    Sorry, Daniel. That was meant for Justin. I can’t go that far to say that anyone who doesn’t like Ray’s approach hasn’t shared their faith in the past month. That’s quite an intellectual leap based on nothing… I do understand what you are trying to say though… I think.

  11. Mark,
    I wasn’t saying everyone, I’ve just noticed that a lot of the people around me who have been critical of Ray’s ministry haven’t shared their own faith with anyone. Critical of someone trying to spark and spur someone on. That’s all I was saying.

  12. heather says:

    Uhhh.. that video was Was that an infomercial? haha.

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