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Last Minute Thoughts With Staff

Dec 14, 2005
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I just finished pulling our staff together to review a few final details before we will all disperse and meet with around 75-80 people who recently signed up to be involved in areas of strategic service here at The Orchard. 

A few "last minute" reminders I gave everyone:

  1. We have only one chance to make a GREAT impression!  INSPIRE, INSPIRE, INSPIRE!  It’s our job!

  2. Talk mission, talk vision, talk strategy.  (80% vision/mission/strategy + 20% other details – that’s off the top of my head, but seems right to me…)
  3. Remind people of how their involvement and service directly impacts our mission!  Help them see that they are a part of something so much larger than themselves.
  4. Clarify the NEXT STEP.  Has it been communicated CLEARLY?  People need to walk out excited about their next step.

Ok – that’s it for now.  Gotta go!

PS – What would you add to this list to share with your team?

One Response to “Last Minute Thoughts With Staff”

  1. Jason Breda says:

    Defining a “win” for volunteers is huge! Identify your definition of a “win” to help them celebrate when one happens. When they happen celebrate with them and they will want more “wins” .
    My definition would be; helping someone move one step closer to Christ and the key relationships you have identified as Intimacy with God, Community with insiders and Influence with outsiders.

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