Scott Hodge


Late Sunday Night

Oct 9, 2005


Great worship gatherings this morning…

Great Orchard 101 class this afternoon full of new people…

And now, the perfect way to wrap it all up…  The Godfather 2 on AMC

Update: Flipping channels – overheard on Laguna Beach in less than 8 seconds:

"So I was like……like…it was like…"
"I know!  Like no way!  …………like."
"Like………..awesome…like for sure……"

People watch this show?

7 Responses to “Late Sunday Night”

  1. angie says:

    Hey now! I love that show!
    I watch it with my girlfriends
    (over the phone) every week! Teens these days are nothing like I was that is “like fur sure!” If I have kids they are never leaving the house.

  2. Rachel says:

    Like duh, like you didn’t know that this was like the hottest for sure show right now. Like what is your problem Scott? Like get with it dude.
    Ok, kidding. I despise this show about a bunch of rich brats with nothing to complain about but still do anyway.
    No offense to anyone who does watch this show.

  3. Blair says:

    Not only do people watch the show… some people even live here! I have worked with Youth in the OC for many years and life is not as bad as portrayed on that crazy show, but if someone could copyright the work “like” the way the Donald Trump did with “You’re Fired!” then you could make a mint on royalties here in OC. For those that have never been here though I should say in all fairness that the local reputation for Laguna Beach is that it is all about hoity art museums and lots of artsy types and not bratty kids… they are really more from Newport Beach just a bit north of Laguna on Pacific Coast Highway. I am from Huntington Beach, just further north still on PCH and we are just known for surfers and skaters, not necessarily bratty rich kids.
    P.S. “Fredo… I know it was you… you broke my heart~”

  4. colleen says:

    The show like gets on my nerves, but like for some reason I cant turn the channel because like watching their behavior just like trips me out fur surrrre….

  5. Pat Callahan says:

    I also went to sleep with Micahel Corleone last night (well, he was on TV… I was in bed with my wife).
    “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. YOU BROKE MY HEART!”
    An all-time classi.

  6. Amy Dusek says:

    My first response upon visiting your blog today: “Ooooooh. Yeah.”
    I’m a huge Godfather fan…and Pacino fan. I always thought he has a slight resemblance to my dad.

  7. Serindipity. I overheard a woman today on 3-4 separate cell phone conversations use “like, ya-know” a plethora of times. If I’d taken that phrase away from her, she’d not have been to put a sentence together.

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