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Leadership Journal Article

Oct 20, 2005

About a year and a half ago, my dad and I were talking about our church’s transition and I said to him, "Dad, wouldn’t it be great if one day we have the opportunity to tell the story of our transition and perhaps help other churches who are in need of deep change?"  He replied, "If God would open that door, I think it would be a good thing." 

Fast forward to last December. 

A total "chance" connection with Marshall Shelley, VP of Christiainty Today, Intl. 
One brief conversation. 
A lunch. 
A few emails. 

And now….one year to the week of my dad’s passing – an article in Leadership Journal telling about our journey of change and transition along with my dad’s personal transition and journey during that time.

I received my copy a few days ago and can’t tell you excited I am about getting our story out in a printed publication.  I am hoping and praying that this article, along with the magazine’s theme of church turnaround will spark the hearts of church leaders (especially pastors of older churches) to be willing to take serious steps towards change and transition. 

Please, join me in that prayer.

And thank you Christianity Today and the great team at Leadership Journal for making it happen.

5 Responses to “Leadership Journal Article”

  1. David says:

    Congratulation! That is freakin’ awesome. I’m gonna have to find a copy! Way to go Scott!

  2. Scott: Is there an on-line line to the article or is it old school print only?

  3. Ben Arment says:

    It’s a great article, Scott. Thanks for sharing the story.

  4. Dan says:

    Congratulations! I’ll have to check out the article. I enjoy reading your blog! And great taste in music! I have most of the same albums in my iPod. God bless you and your ministry!

  5. david says:

    just got the mag, and went right to your article. good stuff. i’ll be copying it to all the guys on our leadership team. thanks.

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