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Leadership Journal Turns Sexy

Jan 26, 2007

Marshall, Eric & Skye – great job on the new look and feel of Leadership Journal

It even looks good sitting on my Mac!  :)


5 Responses to “Leadership Journal Turns Sexy”

  1. Skye Jethani says:

    Thanks for the complement, Scott. But real credit must be given to our designer, Doug Fleener.
    Hopefully pastors will continue to respect Leadership for its mind, and not just its cover.

  2. I agree, I almost didn’t recognize it!
    I’m glad I found your blog…

  3. Marshall Shelley says:

    Wow, Scott, Skye, and Robert, too. This is quite the meeting place.
    Leadership sexy? I think so, and has a nice personality, too.

  4. Marshall Shelley says:

    And … oh, yeah. Thanks for helping point us in the right direction graphically, Scott. You were a big encouragement at a key moment.

  5. Los says:

    Dude. Missional.

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