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Mar 21, 2006

Hey everyone…  As you can see, I’ve added some linkage to the right hand side of my page.  My plan is to keep this list updated, which means that on occassion you will probably see some additions AND subtractions.  My goal with these links is to reflect the blogs that I’m CURRENTLY tracking and that I’m especially identifying with right now

A lot of people have asked me to do a "link exchange" (I’ll link you, if you link me…), which I appreciate – but which I also prefer not to do.  For a couple of reasons… 

One, as much as I appreciate being linked, I want people to link to me simply because they find themselves identifying with me – NOT because they are looking for a link in return. 

Secondly, I am only listing sites that I personally follow and read regularly.  In the past several months, in my effort to simplify my life, I have scaled down (to a large degree) the number of blogs that I follow.  I realize that there are thousands of GREAT blogs out there that I could read and link to, but it’s just not possible to follow them all. 

Hope that makes sense…  As always, if you have a site that you want to recommend, please do so!


4 Responses to “Links”

  1. Kenny Eicher says:

    Scott – I’m absolutely honored to be included in your blogroll.. among some truly great human beings. Thanks.

  2. matt says:

    Ditto to Kenny with out a doubt.
    I was actually getting ready to give you hard time about not listing me, and then I checked and found I was listed. (I’ll send you the money right away)

  3. Best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent. :-)
    Of course, now I need to get back to blogging about something other than car troubles.

  4. Honored to make it to the fifth position on the list!
    (Sometimes alphabetical order just rocks…) :)

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