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Mac Productivity

Jun 7, 2006


It’s been about a month since I made the big switch from a PC to the new MacBook Pro.  So far, my Mac experience has been great.  I’ve had no major glitches (outside of the deceased hard drive that took a dive the day I purchased it...) and I have not had any problems opening or sending documents to anyone in our offices or any other major compatibility issues.

There’s a lot about the Mac that I really, really like.  I love the design, the layout of the programs, how well integrated everything is, the screen quality, the built in webcam, the Dashboard and the Dock

I’m also amazed at how easy the media programs are to use (iPhoto, iMovie HD, GarageBand, and iDVD.)  I’ve done a couple of video editing projects and a bunch of audio mixing using iMovie HD and GarageBand. 

Some of the "third party" programs and upgrades that have made my life a bit easier so far: QuickTime Pro (so worth the $29.99 upgrade!),  Switch (for converting aiff files to mp3), Movie2MPEG (converting .mov files to .mpeg), HandBrake (DVD ripping software for legal ripping purposes…), PocketMac for Blackberry, Microsoft Office 2004 (a total MUST for me…),

My ONLY complaint about the MacBook Pro is how warm it gets.  There are times that this thing will get so hot that I can’t use it on my lap without just about burning a hole through my jeans!  The area where my palms rest can get pretty warm too.  I’m not sure if this is a problem with my machine or just the way it is.  I do know that this thing is a MACHINE, so it is probably cranking out some pretty strong heat.

So many of you have asked how the "Mac thing…" is going, so there’s my one month review.  Here’s a link to a good article by Paul Stamatiou entitled, "Why I’m More Productive on a Mac." 

10 Responses to “Mac Productivity”

  1. Perry says:

    Dude–you are nerding out on us!

  2. Chad Wright says:

    Ever since Apple introduced the Titanium Powerbooks about 5 years ago, they have been hot running machines. It didn’t change when they switched to Aluminum which is what your MacBook Pro is made of.
    I figure it’s not a bad trade-off. You get the best computer available. You lose a few layers of skin on the tops of your legs. Seems fair. Sort of.

  3. matt says:

    i’m considering making the switch…thanks for the update. i think the heat issue is something that has been common to mbp. i’ve been reading the mac forums on, and it sounds like apple is working on the problem.

  4. Ryan Moretti says:

    Seems some MacBook Pros left the factory with the rear vent covered. This might be the reason it’s running hot.
    Here’s the link to the story

  5. Scott – I had my “conversion” in January (PowerBook) and haven’t looked back since. Productivity is WILDLY increased on the Mac. It doesn’t crash. Apps don’t close on their own…I could go on. The Mac is by far the best piece of technology I have ever purchased (and I must admit I buy a lot of gadgets). Heat or no heat – I’ve even converted my (diehard PC loving) husband. We’ll be buying our MacBook later this summer.
    Better yet is how ubiquitous the Mac is becoming. All of our church staff, most people we see in coffeeshops – and even a growing number of IT developers we know are turning to the Mac. That alone is a testament to the product!

  6. Lori Bailey says:

    I believe that my resident Mac expert has mentioned this as a fixable glitch – and if I remember correctly they can fix it while you wait at an Apple store. But don’t trust me – give them a call to be sure.

  7. Chris Baker says:

    I switched a few years ago. Its the best move I have made. The only thing that has made me unproductive has been laziness. Not my computer. :) I think with the heat issues – I thought they were resolved. It was the Macbooks that had the issue now. Well anyways…its a first generation of a new laptop. My personal opinion is wait on the new stuff. You shouldn’t get “burned” if you wait for second or third generation machines :) .

  8. Scott,
    Have you found Bible software you like for the Mac? Seems the choices are limited while we are waiting for Logos for Mac to be released…

  9. i know you didn’t do this intentionally (at least i hope you didn’t. if you did, may your drive crash three times in the next thirty days and may your knee caps be scalded irreparably) but you’ve really provoked a lot of jealousy for me.
    gee thanks.
    i’m on a G4 laptop 17″ i’ve had for well over two years now. i love it. so much that i’ve dropped it twice and it stayed with me. it knows i love it.
    my question is whether you’ve tried to do the pc app running on it. is that a deal that is worthwhile? like the bible software question someone commented with – why not just run a pc version app in there?
    or is the pc side of the macbook just too… well, uh… is it too pc to bother with?

  10. chris g says:

    i love macs. i want a new mac book, black. welcome to the mac family!

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