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mac vs. os

May 26, 2005


I am SERIOUSLY considering making the switch over to a Mac.  This would be a big change for me. 

Some of you who have made the switch – help me!  What are the positives & negatives?  Everyone else on my staff uses a PC, so I’m concerned that I might have more headaches to deal with if I make the switch.  But, oh…the Mac is so, so sexy…. 

Comment on!  Thanks!

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  1. David Wegley says:

    Well, it can honestly be kind of scary. I work with PC’s at work but I use nothing but macs at home. Most of the incompatibility has been shed. I can read almost all MS office files (no access, but no one really uses that anyway). It comes with a email application called mail and web browser called safari but you can also get firefox. Office for Mac is nice. It has great features that even the Windows version doesn’t have. I highly recommend the move. You don’t have to worry (as much) about viruses and spyware and the os tends to be more stable. There is a bit of a learning curve though. It is a different animal. It’s unix based not dos based. Things are laid out a bit differently. Of course, I’m an email away if you get stuck.

  2. Betsy says:

    When I went to work for Mike Francen, I was forcibly migrated to Macs. They didn’t have any PC’s!
    Having been very proficient in PC — not only the basics, but networking, trouble-shooting, etc. — the transition was rough. I literally felt retarded. I knew what I wanted to do, but nothing was where it was supposed to be!
    After familiarizing myself with the way of Mac, I am now as comfortable on a Mac as a PC. For the average user, they are pretty much the same (I hope David & Martin don’t lynch me for that!).
    Some negatives that I have with Macs, compared to PC (from the perspective of “I know how to do this on a PC, but can’t on a Mac”):
    *Trouble-shooting printing is still one of the issues I face. There’s no Control Panel to access printers — you can get there via System Preferences, but it’s not the same.
    *Preferences: I’m not sure what these do, but I found if you delete something, you can jack up your computer.
    *Networking with PC’s on an Exchange server was tricky at Destiny. The graphics computers were both Macs, and we had all sorts of issues with them not being able to “see” what everyone else had access to on the network.
    *I still prefer Outlook to Entourage (the Mac version), especially for calendar functions
    Some things I love about Macs:
    *No virus/pop-up issues, for the most part
    *Installing fonts is so easy
    *Peripherals almost all just plug & play. There are no drivers to install! Although I have no idea what “mounting” means, and couldn’t trouble-shoot if there was an issue, I haven’t had to do that yet.
    *The dock
    *Once I got used to the absence of “My Computer” and “My Documents” as points from which to navigate, I realized that the organizational structure (in OS X) is hugely superior.
    *Shortcut keys rock!
    *Ease of creating .pdf filess
    As for software compatibility, the Office Suite for Mac is great. I was originally forced to use Quark for word processing, and it was awful. If you can stick with these familiar programs, that will help.
    If you’re currently working on Windows XP, the transition will be a little easier, since XP has many OS X-like features.
    There will be a learning curve, but I think having access and proficiency in both will benefit you in the long run.

  3. David Wegley says:

    The latest versions of Entourage and Mail will connect with Exchange servers to get you outlook mail, contacts and calander information. is a great resource for info on Mac to Windows switches too.

  4. Darryl says:

    Go for it! You will never look back.
    There is an initial cost – moving everything over (old e-mails etc.) can be a bit of a pain. Some software won’t exist on the Mac platform, and even some of the software that does will require you to buy new licenses.
    I solved this by selling a lot of my old stuff on eBay.
    I haven’t looked back, and I work in a PC office. I can’t stand working on Windows anymore.

  5. Terry Storch says:

    I use both. I have a PC at the office and a Mac laptop. I love the Mac!!! Love it, but I can say that in a Windows world, (our office) I can not use the Mac as “fast” as I can use the PC. No doubt I like the Mac better, but I have to stay with the Desktop PC just becasue it was much faster and I was more productive with it. I take my 15′ powerbook with me when I am portable!

  6. PH says:

    Windows XP Pro at the office, OS X (10.3.9) at home. Ask anyone in my office how often I say, “I hate Windows!” and their response would be “Too many to count.”
    I have VirtualPC on the mac so I can run any Windows app on the Mac in a virtual XP session — and can shut everything down after saving the XP desktop and it’ll open to just that spot a day or a week or a month later.
    On my Mac laptop at the office I use Entourage and it’s been configured to use the MS Exchange server, no problem.
    If I had my druthers (which I don’t, but if I did), I’d use nuthin’ but Mac.
    Move. Move. Move!

  7. Dan says:

    Like several others here, I use XP at work and my 15″ Powerbook for EVERYTHING else. The XP is on a pretty new Toshiba widescreen notebook with quite a few bells and whistles, however I still prefer to use the “Book”. I don’t yet have Virtual PC like PH, however I should really consider it because I generally carry both notebooks everywhere I go. My work has a company made PC app that keeps me using the PC.
    I’ve heard many times that Office for Mac is better than the PC version. I have both versions, but I generally just use them for viewing work files. Apple Works, which came with the Mac, can view and edit the Office files (Word and Excel) with no problem. My kids use the iMac at home for all of their homework, whether it’s web browsing or MS Word for Mac.
    I LOVE using the book for as much as I can though. I’ve had so many issues over the years using PC’s. I’m really into video editing. When I used to use PC’s to do the work, I spent most of the time trying to troubleshoot problems, while now using the book, I spend ALL of the time TRYING to be creative.
    I can’t explain it, but I just have a completely different attitude while working on Mac’s.
    I really like the iLife package that Apple makes. I use iPhoto for my digital photo storage. It’s very easy to use and has some pretty slick features. You just have to try it to see how cool and easy it is. I know you would love Garage Band which allows you to put together many different tracks together along with a collection of built in rifs. iMovie and iDVD are nice apps for quick work, however the Pro apps are killer, man.
    Looks like we need to take a trip to the local Apple store and do some experimenting, or I could show you my Powerbook. I would suggest going to the store, just because it’s an awesome place to go to. The 30″ Cinema display would look great on your desk!!
    You’re right Scott, Mac’s look cool. A cool dude should have a cool machine. What better reason to switch? :)
    Yea, I knew once you got an iPod you would start thinking about the mac. Once you go mac, you never go back!!

  8. Bob Franquiz says:

    ONCE YOU GO MAC, YOU NEVER GO BACK!!! This is the best computer decision I have ever made. I blogged about it a few days ago. Tiger is the best operating system I have ever used. PC’s worked for me for about 18 months and would just die! I bought a powerbook just over 18 months ago and works as well as the day I bought it. Don’t buy into the “Macs are for graphics” stuff! Macs are people who want a reliable computer. We are in the process of making the switch with our entire staff to macs. It’s an easy process because the PC’s are so unreliable, they break with amazing regularity. Office for Mac is great. The major Bible software companies are putting out Mac versions (Quickverse – June/ Logos – December). Anything a PC can do, a Mac can do better!

  9. J-wild says:

    I too am the only one on my church staff that has a Mac (15″ powerbook G4). Subsequently I am the only one who creates cool DVD’s, church videos, rip DVD’s. etc, etc, etc.
    All you need to know is this. I have had my MAC for about 16 months and in that time we have had to get FOUR new PC because the others crapped out….FOUR!
    We have had some issues connecting to the church server, but that was solved by using this program. Once you switch you will buy one for your home as well!
    Go for it!

  10. Scott,
    I just went from using a PC to a Powerboook G4 17″ and I would not trade it for the world. I put on office mac and am using it like mad! I LOVE IT. I was very scared of it at first, but once I started to dig in it really was better. This is what I like, it is faster, lighter, more reliable, easier to work with, and does more. What I don’t like is there is no right click! The control keys are no longer control keys they are apple keys, which is the same just a different key for control not a big deal. Anyway, I will say there are some other little issues like learning the finer details, but if you look at it as a challenge then it is all good! State of mind more than state of the union. I say make the Exodus and go!

  11. ML says:

    April 2004 is when I purchased my 17 inch Powerbook. At first, a little different getting used to but once you get comfortable with it….ain’t looking back( to a PC ). Very user friendly. Office for Mac is a must to buy and easier to use. You will have no problems if you own an IPod. People I know who have a PC and use an IPod have alot of problems. With a Mac, no problems and easier to use. There are some things you can’t do with a Mac that you can do with a PC. If you play alot of games with your computer, stay with a PC. Mac has games, but not alot of them due to most of the games are Windows based. Your Mac will never crash when in use and you can have ALOT of windows displayed at the same time and will not have any problems. Just go with your GUT feeling and buy a Mac! You will be glad you did.

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