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Magazine Love. 2012.

Feb 7, 2012

I still like a good magazine.  The iPad is great, but there’s still something about an actual, physical magazine that the iPad can’t quite replace.  Here are my current monthly reads/skims.

  Wired – a nice dose of technology, innovation, and science.

  Fast Company – Longtime reader.  Starting to feel a little tired, but can’t seem to let go yet.

  Food & Wine – the title says it all.

  Dwell – love, love, love great design & architecture. Makes me wish I lived in New Zealand.

  Wallpaper - art, architecture, design, fashion. Need I say more?

  Monocle – by far, my favorite. Pricey but worth it. Global affairs, business, culture & design.

What are your favorites?

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2 Responses to “Magazine Love. 2012.”

  1. Eric Olsen says:

    Long-time Fast Company fan as well. Although, it’s starting to become unreadable for me. They’re siding too far on the “beautiful” side of the aesthetic vs. functionality spectrum.

    Adding my favorite news periodicals to your list would add, “The Week” and “Reason”.

  2. Johnny Laird says:

    These are the ones that floated by boat for years, but I have to say I rarely by them in hard copy any more:


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