Scott Hodge


Makin’ Noise

Mar 26, 2007


I’m so tired I can hardly type, so I’ll save the details for later…  But let me just say that today was an INCREDIBLE day at The Orchard as we launched a new 12 month vision initiative called, "Makin’ Noise."  I’ll share more later, but man, oh man, oh man….  I don’t think I have ever felt more energy, excitement and momentum at an Orchard weekend than I did today.  Wow…


3 Responses to “Makin’ Noise”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I am glad that things are going well at The Orchard. We are currently talking about our vision at LWCC as well. It is SO AWESOME!
    Dwight Thompson spoke last night. I could totally feel the excitement, momentum, and victory for our breakthrough as a church and for every church member personally! It was INCREDIBLE!!!
    I hope that you are getting some GREAT rest and time in with your family.
    Love to you all!!!

  2. Jason Curlee says:

    Graphic looks awesome…can’t wait to find out more…

  3. Joni says:

    Just listened to the podcast. Very excited about being part of the Orchard and seeing it all happen. God is fun to watch.

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