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Matt’s Dew-Sickle

Jun 24, 2005

Congratulations to my friend, Matt Barrett, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa for his successful attempt at creating his version of a refreshing, summer treat – The Dew Sickle! 

Matt’s inspiration for the Dew-Sickle originated with the challenge I made with this post

As promised, here are the pictures of Matt with his Dew Sickle: (Click on pictures to see larger images.)

100_1151 100_1152

100_1153 100_1154

A comment and piece of advice from Matt:

"Sort of tasty, hard to eat because of the size, but fun to make.
I’d suggest putting it in a bowl to freeze, cause pop expands when frozen… even if not in an unopened can.  Made a real mess in the freezer."

Congratulations Matt!

Go say hello to Matt over at his blog.

2 Responses to “Matt’s Dew-Sickle”

  1. Jason says:

    The Dewsicle looks delicious! Too bad I am on a diet now…

  2. matt says:

    Jason – it’s actually a Diet Dewsicle. Calorie free!

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