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Sep 20, 2005

I need some help from some of you media people out there…

I’m looking for an S-Video converter and scaler that will also smoothly switch between VGA & S-Video.  This is for our big screens in our auditorium here at The Orchard.  Any advice or input you can give would be great!

Please email or comment below.  Thanks!

5 Responses to “Media Help”

  1. Greg Bacus says:

    is the output to the projector VGA or S-Video?

  2. scott hodge says:

    The output to the projector is VGA. Believe it or not, we were running it composite (which was horrible.)

  3. Oswald says:

    What is your set-up? Are you looking for a way to seamlesly transition from your computer projected images (powerpoint, songscreen, songshow, etc) and a VCR or DVD player? I might be of service, if i know exactly what your set up is. :)

  4. Greg Bacus says:

    The video guys at FC gave me this website:
    Give it a shot and see if that helps.

  5. martin Leeuwner says:

    Scott not sure why you need S video, but a few options would be a Sony 1024 or Folsom presentation pro. These units are widely used in the live production world.

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