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Miami Bob

Aug 23, 2005

Bobscott_4Met up w/ fellow blogger, Bob Franquiz and his wife Carey, today at DRIVE here in Atlanta.  Bob is the lead pastor @ Calvary Fellowship in Miami Lakes, FL.  It was great connecting with them and hearing their story.  Within minutes of meeting them both, it was obvious that they are both super passionate about PEOPLE!  Plus, they are both Napoleon Dynamite fans.  GOSH!

Thanks in advance, Bob, for letting me steal your pic until I can upload mine.  :)

Bob’s blog
Calvary Fellowship – Miami Lakes, FL

2 Responses to “Miami Bob”

  1. Scott,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I work as the Director of Training for FamilyWise and the reThink Group. We supply the children’s curriculum used by Northpoint (and about 1,500 other churches around the world). I also work a lot as a writer/consultant for Northpoint. I wrote the video script for Married Life and did the voiceover for Church Monkey.
    So glad you had a great time at Drive 05. I’m going to be in Chicago in a few weeks — speaking at a church there. Maybe we could meet up while I’m there.

  2. Hey Scott, my name is Mark I’m one of the Assit. Pastors at Calvary Fellowship. We talked at Drive. I just want to drop I line and say it was great meeting you. God bless, and hopefully we can hook up when I go to Chicago in October.

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