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Miggidy Miggidy Mac (Long post…)

Jul 19, 2006


Received this email today:

Scott – You don’t know me. I think I’ve left a comment or two on your blog before. But I’m wanting to ask a question about Macs. I’ve been a PC man all my life but I’m starting to get the Mac itch.  I don’t want to take the Mac plunge just because it’s "cool" or "sexy" or whatever. Why do you see Macs as a great (better?) choice for working in church as you do? BTW, I’m a youth minister and think I can see many uses, but just want to hear your perspective on it all..

As I started typing my reply, I decided to post it instead.  So here I go…

First of all, since purchasing the MacBook Pro, I realize that I have not even begun scratching the surface as to what this thing is capable of doing.  These past two months have been crazy, so for the most part my focus has been on the "essential" programs that I need to get my stuff done.  Looking forward to some "playtime" to explore some things…

So, with that said, here are a few things that stick out as helping increase my productivity since making the switch:

  • Easy Video Editing
    I am not a professional video editor and before the Mac had NEVER attempted a video editing project.  iMovie HD has been a great starting point for me and has allowed me to do some last minute projects that I felt too guilty about throwing our video editing folks.  (And I will humbly say that the projects have turned out really good!)  I’m convinced that just about anyone could learn to do basic editing using iMovie.  It’s that easy!

    QuickTime Pro has been an great tool for converting and doing a bunch of other stuff that I would otherwise have NO IDEA how to get done.  The Pro version is a must!  Also – Handbrake has been great for ripping DVD clips (for legal use of course…iDVD has been great too – and EASY to use!

  • Simple Sound Editing
    GarageBand has been a great tool as well.  I’ve done a lot of audio editing and the program makes it SO EASY!  I know that there are better audio editing programs out there, but this has been a good starting point for me.  (Ok…stop shaking your head you techno-geeks!  I know there are better ones out there!  But for Pete’s sake, I’m not editing a movie soundtrack!)
  • Stability
    For the most part, my Mac has been extremely stable.  I HAVE had a few program crashes recently (some Adobe stuff…), but the system itself has been very stable.

    For some reason, my Hell (woops, I mean DELL) would not keep a consistent WiFi signal for anything!  This has never been a problem on my Mac.

  • iCal, Mail & Address Book
    Up until two days ago, I had been using Entourage (Microsoft’s Mac solution to Outlook.)  I’ve always been a diehard Outlook fan, so I thought Entourage would be the obvious way to go.  But I think I might have been wrong.  So a couple of days ago I switched to iCal and the others and they seem to work much better together.  Plus, they are much faster than Entourage. 
  • Photo Management
    The photo programs (iPhoto) and the ability to crop and edit pictures in the default image viewer is great!  It’s not nearly as good as Photoshop, but for quick and simple edits, it’s nice and easy.

To sum it all up: Everything seems easier on a Mac!  The programs all feel like they were made to work WITH each other.  I will also mention that I have had very few PC-MAC compatability issues.  With being able to run Windows OS on most new Mac’s, the problem is pretty much non-existant. 

That’s it for now.  Hope that helps.  Back to work!

12 Responses to “Miggidy Miggidy Mac (Long post…)”

  1. Chris says:

    Plus it’s “cool” and “sexy.” Think about it, who really cares when someone comes in a cafe and pulls out a pc? But when the mac dude rolls up, folks tend to stare and wonder.
    Of course, it really is a btter comp, plus you can now run windows…It’s a win-win for sure.
    I’ve had my iBook G4 for 3.5 years and it can last another year or two for sure.
    my .02

  2. SO GLAD you bailed on Entourage. Unbelievably clunky in comparison.

  3. Chris Baker says:

    I’d have to agree with you Scott on everything you said. The reason probably for the adobe crash’s is cause there not universal binary yet, since you are running a MacBook Pro. Could be a issue with the Rosetta software or Adobe in itself. Just a thought.

  4. jason allen says:

    Just curious but what legal use is there for ripping dvd clips from movies? After attending a session on copyright issues in the church I was under the perception that all such ripping is illegal. Which is why I presumed MediaShout created a piece in their program to play clips from a DVD (with appropriate licensing…CVLI) without ripping them from the DVD itself (much like cuing a VHS clip).
    Anyway, I would love some clarification b/c if it is legal it would make my life a whole lot easier!

  5. Blake says:

    Thanks for answering the questions in blog format. I do have a few more for you (and anyone else).
    Do your churches all run Macs now? Or is it just yours? If it’s just a few, how well do they “play” with the others? My church is all PC and I doubt it changes before Jesus comes back.
    How much is the “bang for the buck” in relation to your memory/processor/bundled software compared to PC’s?

  6. Dusty Leggs says:

    And it’s cooler and sexier!

  7. David says:

    Actually, ANYTIME you rip a DVD it is illegal even if you own the DVD. The Digital Milenium Copyright Act makes it illegal to crack any type of digital encryption. So by breaking the digital encryption by using handbrake, you are breaking the law. However, this goes against the Fair Use rights of previous legistation. Technically, you can’t play a DVD in the church as it breaks the Public use policy of DVDs as they are only intended as private home use. Since churches have open door policies and openly allow anyone to come in to a service, it is considered a public forum and thus breaks the copyright as well.
    With that said, the likelyhood that the police, FBI, RIAA, or MPAA is going to come and hunt you down for doing this is very slim as long as you aren’t sharing them online with all 100 million of your closest friends. They have bigger fish to fry right now.

  8. Elmer says:

    Additional info on Fair Use in Copyrights:
    Fair use is primarily intended to allow the use of copyright-protected works for commentary, parody, news reporting, research and education. However, fair use is not an exception to copyright compliance so much as it is a

  9. jason allen says:

    Okay, that is most of what I understood but went a bit further so let me ask a couple of questions so you can help me out.
    1. What good does CVLI do then if you are unable to utilize movies, etc.
    2. I thought the CVLI operated in such a way as to allow you to show clips, etc legally without showing the entire movie (I know you have to have a specific movie license to do that, we have had to deal with that in the past).
    I know you said it is unlikely that the authorities will do anything about it. But there have actually been issues in the last few years of people “spying” in churches taking the opportunity to turn people in on things like political speech. Many are anticipating people doing the same sort with the issue of technology. We need to be on the up and up. And I just don’t know all the legal stuff.
    Thanks for the helpful comments.

  10. metromom says:

    In all your cool pastordom and wisdom and macdom and blogdom…have you lost your skills? You’ve not posted one picture of a meal you made or told us of some of your personal sweet creations. Do you no longer cook?

  11. ubertech says:

    a tiny bit of drool went down the right corner of my mouth when my pastor mentioned that the ministry is getting 2 MacBook Pro’s…

  12. John Fones says:

    Thanks for the post. I used Apple Mail for 2 years and then when I got the job at the church I’m at now we have Exchange email so I had to switch to Entourage…but over the past year I’ve not been happy with it at all! Because of your post I switched back to Mail, and have been loving it for the past week! Thanks so much!

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