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Mind Sweep

Jul 27, 2006
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Merlin, over at 43 Folders, has a great "mind-sweep" reminder for all of us GTD fans. (C’mon…read it already, would you??!!)

"Scott, what the heck is mind-sweep?"

Merlin summarizes it well:

The idea behind the mind-sweep is to identify and gather everything
that is making claims on your attention or is likely to affect the
larger areas of responsibility in your life

One Response to “Mind Sweep”

  1. Paul says:

    OK Scott, this fella is great. I am sure you’ve written about him before and I’ve just missed it, but I’ve spent the morning (after reading your entry and clicking the link) checking this guy’s site out, watching the Quicksilver video, looking at the GTD book entry on, looking at his organization tips … I’M HOOKED!
    I downloaded Quicksilver before leaving for the office, am ready to buy GTD through through 43 Folders (the significance of the site name isn’t clear to me, but I suspect his ENTIRE LIFE is organized using only 43 folders), and haul a truck up to the office window and start chucking stuff out!

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