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Sep 22, 2008

Had a great couple of days last week at MinistryCom in Oklahoma City.  MinistryCom is an annual conference for church communications professionals who are PASSIONATE about what they do.  Man, I love it!

I also had a great time hanging out with my my friends Anne Jackson (Author, Mad Church Disease and just plain mad…) Jon Acuff (Stuff Christians Like), Mike Foster (Author, Deadly Viper Character Assassins, PlainJoe Studios, Ethur), Dawn Baldwin (Aspire One & fellow Orchard-ite!) and so many other great people! 

My keynote talk was on "Communication During Time of Change."  Instead of posting my notes, here are some posted by fellow bloggers in attendance.  Great job guys and thanks!



Church Relevance

Church Hype


Thanks for Terrell Sanders, Mark Bennardo, Jeff Wilson, and everybody else involved for putting on a great conference!

And btw…..check out Jarbyco!  Great idea from Keith Baldwin!

4 Responses to “MinistryCom”

  1. Sorry we missed it. Our boss elected for our team to be in Granger for “Innovate 08″ else we’d have been there for sure. I’ll more than likely be getting my hands on the post-conference material offerings.

  2. anne jackson says:

    It was fun photoshopping you.

  3. Jim Mueller says:

    Hey Scott
    I’m sure Mark (Bennardo) appreciates the recognition, but I’m sure even more he’d appreciate you linking to his new site:
    Thanks Scott!

  4. brewster says:

    Dude, thanks for adding me to this list. These are all great guys and it is humbling because I am for sure the odd man out. :) Also, for the record, Pete IS that cool, and probably more.

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