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Mar 10, 2008

It’s Monday morning and I’m sitting in a cafe having breakfast while doing some reading, a little journaling and some much needed decompressing after a tiring, but GREAT weekend at The Orchard.  Our gatherings were a little lower in attendance than usual, but still great considering that our LOW attendance now WAS our HIGH attendance just a couple of months ago. 

Anyway…  Monday mornings are usually a little rough for me as I find myself wearily recovering from the weekends.  Especially lately.  I don’t know if it’s the topics we’ve been hitting these past few weeks or what, but I’m feeling it a little more than usual right now.  In fact, I used to take Mondays off but eventually realized that I was ripping my family off by giving them the day that I feel most depleted.  (I was a real pain in the *** to be around for most of the day…)  So several months ago, I changed my day off to Fridays.  Which is great for my family, but crappy for my creative team – since I now meet with them on Mondays.  :)   LOL.  Just kidding…  (I think.)

So this afternoon I’ll be heading into our weekend planning meeting where our team will detail out the plans for this upcoming weekend.  We’ll also firm up the topics and some of the creative elements for these next several weeks.  It’s hard work planning ahead but so, so worth it! 

So that’s my typical Monday.  Decompress in the morning – Meet in the afternoon. 

How about YOU? What does your Monday typically look like?

16 Responses to “Mondays.”

  1. Keith says:

    BIG cup of french press coffee, catching up on blogs, news, politics, and if the mood hits me right, I even squeeze in a little work.

  2. Gerry Miller says:

    Getting information together for doing 2007 taxes. Watching the stock market continue to go south and having a bowl of raspberries.
    Was at the Sunday 9:00am service with my wife Linda. What a wonderful message and service.

  3. kathryn says:

    Waking up early (thank you, George). Coffee. Making lunch for my husband. Changing lots of diapers. Working out. Grocery shopping. Cleaning. Singing to, playing and talking with George.

  4. evan says:

    Meeting Mondays is what we call it.
    Staff meeting from 9-12 (event stuff, looking several weeks out)
    1-5 (sermon planning)
    I feel it by the end of the day.

  5. My Mondays typically include my weekly house cleaning, one load of laundry, dinner preparation for the evening, customer calls, filling customer orders, catching up on desk work (that I put off more often than not!), and usually including some down time if we have had a particularly full weekend.
    Before my day gets started, I like to spend some time with the Lord. I would like to say that I work out like Kathryn does, but I am not there yet. At least I am actually thinking about working out again. :-)
    Have a GREAT Monday!

  6. Chuck Land says:

    I’m actually going to this. I need more decompress think time. Do you have an agenda during this are you reading anything in particular? How far out do you have to study to get ready for creative planning meeting?

  7. Joel says:

    Watching worship services online, reading blogs, checking messages, casual meetings w/ pastor, texting people, studying, reading, working out, playing w/ kids, talking w/ wife…etc

  8. Chuck Land says:

    would you blog about how you guys do your creative meetings? Do you always go off site?

  9. Mondays, we have a brainstorming download at 10am of ‘yesterday’s’ services, finalize this coming Sunday’s plans, look ahead to future series, etc. Lunch. Organize/plan the rest of my week and task list(s), then get started making it all happen … because “Sunday’s always comin’.”

  10. We roll Sunday review, staff meeting, next Sunday prep and long-term planning all in one BIG LONG meeting. I’m wiped on Mondays.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m always glad when you share some insight in your leadership methods and ideas. Thanks.

  11. ted says:

    …drinking coffee and revamping monday “to-do” list…
    …school work…
    …closing the night by spending time with george and kat…

  12. Tim Gabbard says:

    We have staff meeting on Mondays from 9-12. Staff lunch then finishing details and start planning for Sunday. Monday are just tough for me to keep on track.

  13. Pete Wilson says:

    Mondays are a writing day for me. I have only one meeting which is our senior managment team meeting. Outside of that, it’s me and my laptop.

  14. I usually take Mondays off…its a great day for me… gives me a chance to rest and reflect… We udually go out to eat… catch a movie at some point in the day… and then just chill in the evening… Still works the best for us. Tuesday mornings are Staff meetings… and everything gets intense… and still fun from that point.

  15. Joni says:

    I still think Monday is church hangover day for pastors and staff. Maybe there should be a breakfast buffet involved somewhere.

  16. Chilly... says:

    Simple time with God – relaxed thanksgiving & reflection – usually shortest entry of the week in the moleskine. Then…
    1. Brunch (with family)
    2. Afternoon/evening – fun, relaxin’ with kids
    3. Night with my queen
    *avoid phone & internet as long as possible.

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