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Much Shalom Needed.

Dec 17, 2007

Typically, community boards are full of helpful information, fun events, etc… 

Not the case at my local Starbucks. 

Every day, as I walk up to the counter to pour skim milk and equal into my coffee, this is what I see on my community board.

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Two young women gone missing – both within a few miles of where I live.  You’ve probably heard about both of them.  So many questions and speculations…  But one thing is certain, and that is how sad I feel for their families – especially their little children who are going to experience Christmas without their moms this year. 

May the shalom of Christ rest upon these families.

5 Responses to “Much Shalom Needed.”

  1. sacred vapor says:

    wow, a good reminder that there is pain in our communities as well. Community boards need to display these… and we need to pray for their return.

  2. Bro, hard story to here about! Peace indeed on the family!

  3. Jim Henry says:

    When we see it on the T.V., it doesn’t seem real…but somehow, seeing in print changes everything. These people and their hurt need to be as real to us as anything in our lives. Peace to these families…and thanks Scott.

  4. May those families be under the Sar Shalom!

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