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My Friend Anne!

Jan 13, 2009


This is my friend Anne Jackson.  (And next to her is another friend, Jon Acuff – a.k.a. Stuff Christians Like)

Anne just wrote a new book.  It’s called Mad Church Disease.  And it’s one that I seriously predict is going to be one of the most influential books for church leaders this year and beyond.

I’ve gotten to know Anne personally over the past couple of years and here’s the bottom line:

Anne is willing to step out on a limb and talk about the **** that very few have the guts to talk about.

It’s that way when you hang out with her.  It’s that way on her blog.  It’s the same way when she speaks

And NOW…it’s most definitely the same with her new book as she writes very openly about a topic that most of us are familiar with (even if you don’t know it yet):Mad-church-disease


Folks….burnout is a serious issue.  Especially in church work, where the lines between “work” and “personal 
life” are constantly blurred. 

In chapter 5, Anne shares one of the most helpful tools I’ve seen on how to distinguish between “stress” and “burnout”.  She has also included some interviews on this topic with some great church leaders like Bill Hybels, Perry Noble, Mike Foster, Wayne Cordeiro, and others. 

But the best part of the book is where Anne offers hope for health – spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational health. 

Check it out here.

Pre-order it now.  In fact, do what I’m going to do and buy multiple copies for your staff.

Thank you Anne for pouring your heart and passion into this book!  You are a gift!

2 Responses to “My Friend Anne!”

  1. anne jackson says:

    Thank you scotthodgeman!!!! I forgot we took this pic! Why not use the pic from the Wedge? OH RIGHT……

  2. Doug says:

    Scott – Is your head really that much bigger than Anne and Jon’s?

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