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My Most Important Prayer, Part 1

Dec 11, 2008

Whenever people ask how they can pray for me, I almost always ask them to pray the same two things I pray for almost daily for myself and our church community.

The first prayer is this:

1.  God, help me to hear Your voice.

I honestly believe that the most important thing I can do as a husband, father, leader, follower of Jesus, etc… is to HEAR God's voice in my life.  I'm just convinced that as long as I have my ears and heart open to hearing God's voice in my life than I cannot go wrong!  Which also means, that the minute I stop listening/hearing….  Oh man.  I'm in trouble! 

It's almost hard to put into words how dependent I feel like I've become on hearing God's voice in my life these days.  I've never valued it as strongly as I do today.  Which is why, if I go a day or two without having that time to just get quiet and listen, my soul begins feeling dry and weary.

One of the best decision I've ever made was the decision to aggressively and intentionally protect the best part of my day (mornings) and reserve that time for the most important parts of my life – praying, journaling, reading, writing…..LISTENING to God's voice.  And it's why I don't do early morning breakfasts with people, meetings, phone calls, etc…  Because I've decided that the most important part of my life deserves the best part of my day.

I must hear God's voice in my life.

I'll share the second prayer tomorrow…

9 Responses to “My Most Important Prayer, Part 1”

  1. adam herod says:

    Good stuff Scott. Looking forward to the 2nd part. My prayer from about age 16 until now has been. “The sheep know the Master’s voice. Lord, let me hear your voice.” I’ve felt like praying for His will in my life would be a lot easier if I just learned to hear His voice then the communication of His will would be much easier.

  2. Philip Winn says:

    I met with a pastor friend of mine from Washington State this week. He told me that every morning before his feet touch the floor he asks the Lord to speak to him.
    As a result of this discipline he has avoided calamity and empowered God’s best in his life and ministry.
    I desire this for my life.
    Your friend,

  3. terry timm says:

    i appreciate you sharing this scott. it reinforces something i have been hearing lately. i’m reading maragaret feinberg’s latest, “the sacred echo” which she defines as “those moments when God speaks the same message to our hearts again and again.” if we are never quiet well never hear that which God is speaking into our lives.
    have a great week.

  4. thank you for sharing this post, Scott…I desperately needed this today!!!

  5. Michelle Jeffcoat says:

    What a great answer to an important question! Sometimes I get so caught up in my immediate needs that when people ask what they can pray for – it is pretty specific. Asking to be able to hear God’s voice is key for understanding all else that people would pray for! I will pray this for you today – (even though you do not know me.)It’s an honor! Peace!

  6. emma says:

    thanks for this scott. it’s reminded me of things I know subconsciously, and encouraged/challenged me to be more intentional about guarding my mornings too.

  7. Rob Jacobs says:

    Scott, thank you for sharing what God put on your heart. I needed to this post and this prayer. I am praying for God’s voice to come quick and patience as I wait.

  8. Rob Jacobs says:

    Scott, thank you for sharing what God put on your heart. I needed to this post and this prayer. I am praying for God’s voice to come quick and patience as I wait.

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