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My Wife’s Confession

May 18, 2007


Last weekend at The Orchard we wrapped up our series, "Confessions of a blue jean wearin’, Starbucks addicted pastor" and because it was Mother’s Day (and since I ran out of things to confess…HA) I asked my wife, Amanda, to step forward and end our series with a confession of her own.  Here it is:





It was a blast sharing a talk with Amanda!  This was our second time doing something like this and I was just blown away at the insight and wisdom that she poured into our community. 

You can download the talk here or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here.

3 Responses to “My Wife’s Confession”

  1. anne jackson says:

    that is truly amazing. your wife has to be the best mom ever and i bet a ton of other women internally sighed and the guilt they had for thinking that disappeared through her transparency. sweet.

  2. edith Zepeda says:

    Ok I was ministering to our young pre schoolers on Sunday so I missed the confession. So glad you shared it here! I gave a really big exhale when I heard Amanda. I too have had that same feeling. Actually alot more now that Gabe has learned the fine Art of sassing back. Gabe truly was a blessing to me and the reason my life changed for the better. However there are days when I feel the same way! God Bless Amanda.

  3. This is AWESOME!!! I agree with the other comments. I think I heard the sigh of relief and the guilt being washed away as Amanda shared. :-) I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire talk, but the short video was VERY COOL!
    Lots of love to you and your family from the Gullands!!!

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