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My Word Cloud

Aug 24, 2006

This is kind of cool.  It’s a "word cloud" that takes the most common words found on your blog and turns them into this:


Wanna try?  Click the link below and type in your blog address and see what it comes up with.  Then come back and link it back in the comments for others to see.


10 Responses to “My Word Cloud”

  1. I’ll unashamedly admit that I bought my tag cloud t-shirt from SnapShirts. It was sometime late last year and I just had to have it. Still have it and still wear it (though my cloud has changed a bit.) :)

  2. Dave Anasco says:

    Did this to my blog, pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tom Buckley says:

    Sorta neat to see what a bot strolling through my blog can find. Thanks, Scott, for the link.

  4. kenny says:

    Yep, I made a word cloud of my blog too…

  5. WordCloud Burst

    I love this – thanks for the link Scott… it searches your blog, website, whatever, makes a cloud of your most used words… try it for yourself here. Check out: NorthStar number one… but I’m not to sure about pastor

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