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Nov 14, 2006


I was on IM w/ someone last night and they replied to something I said with these words: "That’s neat." 

Now, is it just me or does "neat" seem like the type of response you would give to someone who shows you what they believe to be the COOLEST thing in the world, when in reality it’s about as cool as my friend who tried wearing "man" capri-pants a few summers ago?

And think about what the word does to your facial expression.  Go ahead – say it.  "Neat."  Notice how your face contorts like you’ve just smelled the armpits of a junior high kids after gym class?

6 Responses to ““Neat””

  1. Blair Farley says:

    That may be the “neatest” post ever. I am rolling on the floor laughing, because neat is one of my least favorite words to describe something. I love this one… “He is a real neat guy. Has a lot going for him”

  2. Carter M. says:

    Hey Scott, I just found your blog via Jon Ferguson. I get the privelege of working with he and Eric Metcalf. I’m Campus Pastor at our Montgomery Campus, and live in Aurora. I’d love to hang out some time and learn from your wisdom, and make up goofy ice-breakers.
    I’m anxious to start blogging, just keep waiting to find the time, which I know will never happen, so I should do it anyway.
    –Carter Moss

  3. Bob Franquiz says:

    I hate that word! I forbid those I associate from even using it, except when they are describing something that’s tidy and clean.
    By the way, neat post!

  4. metromom says:

    Do I know this man who wore capri’s?

  5. Scott T says:

    Neat should only be used when ordring whiskey. And that only sparingly!

  6. anne jackson says:

    all i can think of is in the movie orange county, when the dean is on ecstasy and says, “you and i are the same height. that is neat.” his tone of voice is what makes it.

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