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Nectar of the gods

Aug 25, 2006


(said in a Napoleon Dynamite sort of way.)

8 Responses to “Nectar of the gods”

  1. Perry says:

    Dude–you are not freakin’ funny! I know why you are doing this…you hate me!!! You have to HATE me!!! Stop the torture!!! I apologize that Anderson does not have a Starbucks–and this isn’t funny anymore!!! STOP–PLEASE!!!

  2. Perry, I’m confused. Uh, did you plant this church? Did you not know?

  3. emma says:

    Haha! Go to your local coffee shop!!! Starbucks… hmm… not a HUGE fan! Although in saying that it is sooo mcuh cheaper there for you guys than it is in Ireland!

  4. Perry says:

    I did know…but that was before the days of blogs and Scott constantly posting pictures of my beloved brew!!! I love my community–I love my church–I love the South–we put sugar in our tea the way God intended for it to be…but I just crave starbucks and Scott is torturing me!!!

  5. Perry – we spent 7 years in East Tennessee. I can throw down the sweet tea with the locals. They finally put a Starbucks in the area we were in (Kingsport/Johnson City)…and it’s in a building that used to be a Hardees. It’s an aesthetic disaster….I’m surprised they didn’t half-bury car tires and paint’m white to guide you through the drive-through!

  6. if it has caffiene in it il drink it… starbucks is good, but i prefer wee random coffee shops, seapking of which.. anybody know any good wee ones in Vancouver, Canada, or Seattle WA, or Portland OR, coz thats where im gonna be in the next few days

  7. Joni says:

    Hey Connor, try this: to find your non-corporate cafe, coffee shop etc anywhere you need to be! sent to me from the friend of a friend in Seattle.

  8. emma says:

    Thanks for reminding me there Connor, I might have forgotten your in flipping Canada and America right now!! (Hmm, can you sense the slight jealousy??)

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