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Jul 30, 2008

Asked for some new music recommendations on Twitter the other day.  Here they are:

Amos Lee
Citizen Cope
Explosions in the Sky
Arcade Fire
Jon Foreman
U2 (new live one)
John Mayer Live
Jason Mraz
Marc Broussard
Jettison Never
The High Wire
Green Day
Good Charlotte
Ting Tings
Sigur Ros
Greg Laswell
Josh Garrels
Golden State
Blind Pilot
Obadiah Parker
Priscilla Ahn

Who’s missing?  Comment.

24 Responses to “New Music”

  1. Paper Route and Disappointed by Candy

  2. Paul Stewart says:

    The Envy Corps… Dwell. Seriously, check it out on iTunes. Good stuff!
    I had the opportunity to hear them play a few months ago and they are truly incredible. They are known for their big atmospheric sound, attracting comparisons to Radiohead, Aqualung, the Verve, and the Doves. Last year they toured with The Killers… Pretty big stuff for a band from Iowa!
    The coolest part is that two of the band members, Scott & David Yoshimura (brothers), were in my youth group at church growing up.

  3. Eric says:

    You’ve probably heard at least half of these. But I’m getting ready for Lollapalooza this weekend, so I’ll just give you everything I’m listening to right now that wasn’t on your above list.
    M. Ward
    The Black Keys
    Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos
    The Raconteurs
    Relevant Reverence
    Broken Social Scene
    Iron and Wine
    The National
    Chris Bathgate
    Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
    Regina Spektor
    Sufjan Stevens

  4. Nigel says:

    Check out NOISETRADE.COM. Lots of good stuff, for free (in exchange for 3 friends emails) or whatever you want to pay.

  5. Tyler Sloan says:

    One Days as a Lion
    just bought it, awesome.

  6. Jamey says:


  7. Bill says:

    Wild Sweet Orange

  8. Bekah says:

    michael buble of course!

  9. William Fitzsimmons amazing IL folk artist!

  10. Scott Thompson says:

    Colbie Caillat
    Mason Jennings (Not new but still cool)

  11. Need to Breathe is really good… Brooke Fraser’s “Albertine” is very good too – She’s kind of like a christian Norah Jones

  12. Ronni says:

    Dude… I said “Above the Golden State”
    From oregon… new Christian band by Sparrow…
    (I don’t like the other one… lol) But these guys ROCK… :D

  13. Spoon
    Fleet Foxes
    The Submarines

  14. Clayton Bell says:

    He’s my boy, but you gotta check our Jon Owens:
    Just recorded his song Bless the Lord with Ty Tribbit on his album and on Bobby Jones Gospel on BET. It’s the hotness…

  15. reuben hood says:

    check out the new fireflight, third day’s new one came out tuesday. i also dig Kings of Leon (new one in september). and GLove and Special Sauce… you can’t go wrong!

  16. terry timm says:

    daniel renstrom’s adore and tremble

  17. Ken says:

    robert randolph and the family band

  18. Rich Grasso says:

    Check out…
    Love Arcade
    Cute is What We Aim For

  19. Steve says:

    Which Citizen Cope are you listening to? I think the last two are awesome but the one with “Bullet and a Target” is def my fave.
    “Brother Lee” is a GREAT song to turn up load and sing at obnoxiously high volumes. Really, fun. My wife, my brother in law and I just did it on the way to upstate NY. “Both sides of the Mississippi yeah!”

  20. Nick Poole says:

    Check out a new worship artist, Dave Santistevan. His first CD is coming out in a month or so. He has some great talent and an amazing sound. You can check it out at

  21. Tom Rawls says:

    You guys must listen to the latest Hillsong live recorded album – “This is our God!” It would have to be the best ever from Hillsong – I love the DVD too!
    Tom Rawls

  22. bwood says:

    Gavin DeGraw, Jackson Brown (Solo Acousic vol 1 and 2–vol 2 is new) Postal Service, Ruth

  23. d says:

    Oliver Mtukudzi
    David Bazan
    Damien Jurado (new release Sept)
    Arcade Fire
    Bon Iver
    The Roots
    Loney, Dear
    Bryan Karas
    Katie Herzig
    Matt and Kim

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