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New Starbucks Machines are Wokin’ and Rollin’

Jun 5, 2008


Woked into my "Thursday" Starbucks this morning when lo and behold………brand new machines

With Chinese woks on top.

$16k/each.  Better shots.  Shorter than the old ones, to encourage conversation with the baristas (which I'm sure they are really excited about.)

4 Responses to “New Starbucks Machines are Wokin’ and Rollin’”

  1. david says:

    interesting.. i heard something about starbucks beginning to grind their beans in store once again instead of vacuum pouches.. not so in canada yet.

  2. Sam says:

    are those the “clovers”

  3. China is taking over! So… even coffee tastes better with the help of the chinese. :)

  4. reuben hood says:

    chinese, huh? guess that means i should be careful when asking for my coffee to be “leaded”

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