Scott Hodge


@ NewSpring

Mar 15, 2007


Here @ NewSpring in Anderson, SC for UnleashPerry is up right now speaking.  And since he reads my blog, I better not post a whole lot more right now.  :)  

More notes later…

23 Responses to “@ NewSpring”

  1. Do you suppose he’s reading your blog, while speaking from the stage?

  2. Jennifer Morchas says:

    What could be better? A Sausage Fest of white, European, right-wing megalomaniac preachers taking place in the buckle of the Bible Belt…stroking each other’s egos as they sip on lattes and talk about how “My church is bigger than yours.”
    Have fun!

  3. flaviu says:

    missed you man, today!
    where were you???

  4. Just Jason says:

    So wanted to be there. Keep hearing how great it was…it’s making me feel bad. Can’t wait to see what you took away from it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer…That’s Hilarious!

  6. Scott,
    Was great talking to you at the conference… I really appreciate your ministry… still chewing on something you said about missions… oh, and by the way, thanks for the latte. :-)

  7. tony morgan says:

    Jennifer, actually the event was just as you described it. We didn’t let any Democrats in the door…because everyone knows they can’t be Christians. And all we did all day long was talk about how big our churches were…because God hates small gatherings of believers. The only thing you got wrong was the fact that we drank sweet tea instead of lattes. You nailed it!

  8. Jennifer Morchas says:

    To Tony “Noble Spear-Catcher” Morgan
    I doubt you had tea-
    That’s a “Democrat” drink consumed by people with open minds in places other than the Bible Belt.

  9. Jamie says:

    Dang. Tough Crowd.

  10. tony morgan says:

    Zowie! This is a tough crowd.
    Mike, thanks for not passing judgment on me, man. You rock. You’ve also saved me a lot of time this week because I can stop doing all that “meaningless creative” stuff that I planned to do.
    You’ve convinced me. Boring is better. In fact, I’m going to see what we can do about eliminating all the music and videos in our services. No more meaningless creativity at NewSpring.
    The good thing about the new strategy is that it’ll give me a lot more time to improve my golf game. Of course, how am I to know if Jesus is OK with golf? I guess I won’t know until the end.
    (btw… I happen to believe sarcasm is a spiritual gift.)

  11. Misty & Cody says:

    Ouch! What a crowd!
    Tony, you know the only reason it was sweet tea instead of Latte’s is because Perry hasn’t taken us up on training to put your very own “Starbucks” at NewSpring. Of course with the size croud NewSpring has I don’t know how they’d be able to make that many drinks!! LOL
    I’m hoping to make a trip to South Carolina maybe this summer or next and I’d love to stop by NewSpring !!!

  12. Why are people always hating on Newspring without checking it out? It’s actually pretty simple to see what’s going on. You just type in and then at the bottom of the screen where it says video you click on that, and then this video player pops up and shows you the last Sunday. Technology is a beautiful thing.

  13. Chad Wright says:

    When you get bigger, you become a target. It’s that simple.
    And I agree with Tony, sarcasm is a spiritual gift. It’s the gift that allows us “right-wing megalomaniac preachers” to get through the day dealing with “church folk.”

  14. Pudge says:

    It is great to hear your opinion and feel your disposition here on …wait, no this isn’t your blog…hmm.
    Well, it is still so great to hear how amazingly God is working through you at the church you lead…wait a minute, what do you lead again?
    It is very easy to be a critic from the stands. However, people like you do motivate us at NewSpring. You motivate us to keep following God with all our heart and disregard the fickle nature of human opinion (especially yours).
    No, but seriously, thanks for attending NewSpring and seeing for yourself…wait a minute, you have never stepped foot in our doors have you?
    Ok, I am done…we get it, you are bitter, you hate the world, or at least anything that you didn’t come up with or create (basically anything that won’t fit in your box)!

  15. Gizz says:

    from a bumper sticker:
    Tact is for people who aren’t witty enough to be sarcastic

  16. Chris says:

    Gizz thanks for that quote from that bumper sticker. I will use it often.

  17. Tom says:

    “(btw… I happen to believe sarcasm is a spiritual gift.)”
    Was that sarcasm? Hard to know. It’s such a gift. Like are you serious or not?
    They shall know them by their sarcasm.
    Too long for a bumper sticker.

  18. Mike says:

    To all: Just like e-mail, blog postings and comments are misinterpreted at least half the time. I felt that I was. I also read my comments and realize why. Anyone reading my comments would have no idea where I am in my spiritual journey and the heart that is behind the comments. I did not air my words in a constructive and appropriate way.
    Late last night I read Tony

  19. Andy Jones says:

    Yeah, it was easy for me to look at guys like Perry Noble and write them off as arogant. But the truth is they are simply very clear about what God has called them to do. They are “mean” about their vision. They have to be, people will try to steal the vision if you aren’t. For all the haters complaining about how big New Springs thing is, you may want to watch out, Perry will punch you in the throat.
    As for the sarcasm…
    Jesus was brillantly sarcastic. Have you ever researched what he was saying when he told his followers to turn the other cheek and to carry someone’s bag for two miles?
    Brillant, non violent, sarcastic.

  20. Deanna says:

    How many times did Jesus say, “Haven’t you read…”?? Of course they had read. Sounds like sarcasm to me! =)

  21. Darren Sullivan says:

    Boys & Girls–
    Can’t we all just get along and love the Lord our God with All of heart, soul, mind,& strength…oh yea, and love our neighbor as OURSELVES! Na, that would be to Christlike and we don’t need any more of that in the Church.

  22. skeptic says:

    Does anyone think this conversation is really edifying? What picture does a seeker walk away from this one with?

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