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Nine’s Video: How To Kill A Church Program

Oct 26, 2012
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Here’s the full video of my Nine’s presentation.

Link to Bonus Footage

One Response to “Nine’s Video: How To Kill A Church Program”

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Scott,
    God uses the internet to ‘fall’ people in places they need to be. I fell upon your videos the other day, and came to your site. The videos and your story were just what we needed to hear. We recently returned from the foreign mission field after 15 years, during which time our little home church grew inward on itself. We were tired when we returned to Canada and so decided to spend a year in our home town, just to re-adjust and rest. When the church noticed we were back on our feet, they asked us if we could help them know how to get back on their feet – as a church – renew their vision and begin to grow. We kind of knew what was causing the dryness in that beautiful little church, but no one was brave enough, or knew how to speak up. I guess hey feared offending someone. Your videos have given us such a renewed insight into what has to happen. We now have new hope that change and transition are necessary and are possible. The story of how God worked in your Dad and then you to bring about what He wanted to do, is amazing.

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